Meet KUSEMIJU VICTOR OWOLOLA, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.




Senior Lecturer


Zoology and Environmental Biology


At the Zoology And Environmental Biology department office

Visiting Hour

Appointment on Visitation important

Research Interest

Topic: Studies On The Use Of Pollutants Or Toxicants To Monitor Level Of Contamination Of The Environment.

Description: Many of the pollutants in our environment originate from human activities. Such pollutants have effects on the quality of the environment and the organisms. These organisms serve as indicators of these pollutants. Through their studies the environmental burden of such pollutants are measured and level of hazard determined and control measures are specified or suggested. Information obtained from such studies help decision making process. This has been the focus of my research activities in recent time. My research interest is focused on the use of local organisms both plants and animals to determine concentrations of these pollutants and their effects on local organisms and their environmental concentrations.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Ecotoxicology and Pollution Management) University of Lagos, Lagos 2010


KUSEMIJU VICTOR is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology

KUSEMIJU has a Ph.D in Ecotoxicology and Pollution Management from University of Lagos, Lagos

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