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Topic: Concept Of Human Rights Under Islamic Law

Description: Islamic Human Rights covers the Rights of God, the Rights of Human beings, Rights of Animals and the Rights of Non- living things. In addressing the issues the general concept of meaning of Human Rights are examined ,while its technical, specific and religious meaning are discussed from the point of view of major sources of Islamic law, Al Qur'an and Hadith. The secondary sources of Ijm'a , Qiyas and other sources are consulted to established the Concept of Rights in Islamic Law. Submission of learned scholars on the field are collated in providing dept meaning of Rights as it relates to God, Human beings and Animals.The area of research also focus on the Rights of offenders and prisoners under Islamic criminal Laws.In addressing Rights in Islamic Law, practical approaches are carried out by visiting sme Shari'a courts in Ilorin and some Independent Shari'a Panels in the Western parts of Nigeria.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Law) Faculty of Law, LASU 2016

Current Research

Dissolution of Islamic Marriages In a Non Islamic Law Courts: A Critical Review.

Research Details

Marriages conducted under Islamic law are guided by the provisions of Al Qur'an and Hadith, both being the primary sources of the law. The rule of justice demands that where such marriages are to be dissolved it require same rules and other related ones to guide its dissolution. However the opposite is what we witnesses in western part of Nigeria where customary courts exercise jurisdiction on Islamic marriages using customary laws to adjudicate on Islamic matters.The aims and objectives of this research is to examine those Islamic rules a as it relates to Islamic divorce and shows the incompatibility of customary law with the Islamic law with the aim of exposing the injustices attached to such practiceThe methodologies using in achieving these aims are through the use of basic Islamic books review of learned opinions on the topics and physical visit to customary courts to monitor proceedings and get a first information on the practical approach in courts. Cumulative of these approach is helping on archiving our aimsIt is expected that at end of this research work the true injustice and incompatibility between the customary system of divorce and Islamic law would have been made known while solutions Will be provided.The solutions to be provided, particularly calling on the enabling government to establish an Islamic courts t adjudicate on Islamic matters would be a great contribution to knowledge and to the development of court system in particular and administration of Justice particularly in the areas of Islamic marriages


KELANI LATEEF is a Lecturer I at the Department of Law

KELANI has a Ph.D in Law from Faculty of Law, LASU

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