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Comparative Study Of Religion


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Topic: Comparative And Gender Studies


My research focus has always been in the area of comparative and gender studies. I have through my works tried to demonstrate that religion can play an invaluable role in a pluralist society like Nigeria. In Nigeria, there has been prevalence of numerous religions with among the main religious traditions, Christianity, African Traditional Religion, and Islam, to which all individuals are bestowed with the right to practice any of their choice.
I try to show that the many stakeholders in religion can contribute their quota in bridging the gap between faith based communities through areas of similarities in their doctrines. This is to demonstrate that all religions have a shared history and this should be the basis for our brotherhood. Majority of my works concentrates on using religion as a tool to better relations between the various religious communities. Other works tries to show the deplorable status of women and the negative consequences of gender inequality on any nation desiring sustainable development.
Women are nation builders who play key roles in economic, social and family life and therefore deserve more recognition in the society.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Christian Studies (New Testament)) Department of Religions, Lagos State University 2012

Current Research

Xenophobia and Sexual Exploitation of Women in South Africa

Research Details

Xenophobic attacks in South Africa has become an endemic problem tearing apart the social and political fabrics of the country and consequently the brotherhood of Africa nations. These attacks are said to manifest in many ways either by verbal abuse, sexual violence and outright killings. The xenophobic attitudes and behavior experienced by foreign women in South Africa compounds the trauma they already face due to migration from their homeland and the prevalent gender-based discrimination. As a consequence of the suffering and trauma they have experienced both at home and in South Africa, many of them now suffer from identity crisis. They cannot plan a life in South Africa and neither in their original homelands. They are also ‘ill-equipped’ to defend themselves or assert their rights because they are often undocumented and considered their refugee or asylum status as unsecure, making them more vulnerable to all forms of abuse. The focus of this paper is to expose the numerous challenges faced by migrant women in South Africa and to fill the dearth of information gap concerning the plight of this endangered demographic. The methodology adopted by the paper is basically qualitative with the use of secondary sources such as Books, Journals, Newspapers and Internet sources.


JOHNSON-BASHUA ADEPEJU is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Religions

JOHNSON-BASHUA has a Ph.D in Christian Studies (New Testament) from Department of Religions, Lagos State University

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