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Journalism (peace And Conflict-sensitive Journalism)


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Topic: Conflict-sensitive Journalism

Description: Interested in exploring best practices in ethical communication that respect the principles of balance, fairness and objectivity especially in reporting conflict situations in a way that can engender peaceful co-existence in the society. It also stresses responsible use of language in order not to exacerbate tense situations but contribute to resolution and transformation of conflicts. With the rising spate of right wing extremism, hate speech and fake news, it is imperative to explore how the media can be used to counter these negative tendencies through ethical reporting. That is the thrust of my research and scholarship.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Peace and Conflict Studies/Media and Conflict) Institute of African Studies/ University of Ibadan 2015

Current Research

Objectivity and Ownership Influence as Contested Concepts in Journalism

Research Details

Objectivity is often flouted as one of the ideals of journalism practice. Achieving objectivity in media reportage of issues can be complex with some scholars noting its impracticability in journalism practice. Scholars have noted the tendency of media ownership and control to influence media contents across media cultures globally. The situation is even dire in Nigeria where economic considerations often force government and private-owned media organisations to commit to satisfying certain vested interests as a part of their survival strategies. Using data from an earlier study, this chapter examines the influence of media ownership on coverage of communal clashes that occurred at different times in Jos, Nigeria, between 2010 and 2011. Findings from the study indicated obvious bias in coverage of the conflicts, particularly among newspapers owned and operated by groups sympathetic to major parties in the conflicts. The chapter thus confirmed the tendency of those who own and control the media to circumvent the ideals of objectivity in satisfying vested interests. However, the media should continue to strive towards attaining the values of objectivity to protect the sanctity of media in promoting overall public interest.


JIMOH PETER is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Journalism

JIMOH has a Ph.D in Peace and Conflict Studies/Media and Conflict from Institute of African Studies/ University of Ibadan

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