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Strategic Marketing And Brand Equity Management


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Research Interest

Topic: Strategic Marketing, Brand Equity Management And Small Businesses


My current researches have been discussed under the section for Research in Progress/Completed. Therefore, i am discussing here my areas of Research Interest/Focus.

My areas of research interest/focus are Marketing strategies, Brand equity and Small businesses. Findings from my researches, which are mainly team based in line with current world practice, have been presented at a number of conferences and published in both local and international referred Journals.These have generated keen academic interests and discussions. I have made modest contributions to the existing body of knowledge particularly in the areas of development of a framework for measuring the effects of competitive forces on the performance of small businesses; succession issues in the entrepreneurial management of SMEs; developing marketing orientation in small businesses, etc.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Business Administration) Department of Business Administration, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria 2012

Current Research

The effect of relationship marketing on corporate performance in small business enterprises in Nigeria

Research Details

Introduction - Past studies show that firms incorporate relationship marketing in their practices in developed countries to achieve corporate performance, but there are not many of such empirical tests conducted in the context of a developing economy. This is the lacuna to be filled by the study.

Aims/objectives – The objective of the study was to examine whether relationship marketing practices have effect on corporate performance. The study tested among others, the hypotheses that the practice of relationship marketing does not have effect on customer loyalty, customers retention, etc. 
Research Methods/approach - 
A survey design was used. A self-delivery questionnaire was used to gather data. The validity of the questionnaire was tested using the expert opinion method while the reliability was tested using Cronbach’s Alpha coefficients for the main variables which ranged from 0.814 to 0.717. The study used a convenience sampling procedure in selecting the respondents. Sample size used was one hundred and eleven (111) respondents in Ojo local government area, Lagos state. Hypotheses were tested using chi-square and cross tabulation test at five percent level of significant with the aid of SPSS software..

Results – The study found out that the practice of relationship marketing have positive effects on corporate performance in the four dimensions used which are customer retention, customers share, customer loyalty and increased sales. 
Research implications/ contribution to knowledge – The study
 recommended that firms should pay more attention to customer relationship management by seeing each customer as an individual with his or her own specific needs. Firms are encouraged to engineer all levels of management to act as part-time marketers to deliver value at all customers touch points and incorporate database marketing, strategic and partnership alliances, internal marketing and interactive marketing for improved success.


IDRIS ADEKUNLE is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Marketing

IDRIS has a Ph.D in Business Administration from Department of Business Administration, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria

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