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Topic: Nonlinear Dynamics

Description: I am currently engaged in Theoretical and Computational Physics with particular interest in the dynamics of nonlinear systems. I consider mostly the dynamics of coupled nonlinear oscillator systems modeling engineering and mechanical systems. Considering the possible applications in secure communications, I also investigate largely on the synchronization behaviours of coupled oscillators. Since chaotic behaviour may pose some problems in some applications, like observed in high frequency oscillations of the Josephson junction, I also seek for effective means of controlling chaotic dynamics. I have also studied chaos; its control and anti synchronization in several other coupled periodically driven oscillators e.g. Duffing oscillators , parametrically driven oscillators e.g. nonlinear gyroscopes, parametric pendulum, etc , BEC, Josephson junction among many others.With a strong background in Physics, I can also adapt to any research area in Physics.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Physics) Physics Department, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria 2009

Current Research

Synchronization and Projective Synchronization of a new three-dimensional chaotic system

Research Details

Aim of the research: Is to examine the synchronization and projective synchronization of a new 3-D chaotic system proposed by Sundarapandian et. al. using the active control technique. The chaotic system has two nonlinearities which are a quadratic nonlinearity and a quartic nonlinearity. Theoretical analysis and numerical simulations are used to verify the results.Introduction: A chaotic system is defined mathematically as a dynamical system which is sensitive to small changes in the initial conditions and with at least one positive Lyapunov exponent. The new 3-D system considered here satisfies these.Different kinds of synchronization such as complete synchronization, anti-synchronization, hybrid synchronization, phase synchronization and so on have been developed over time and implemented.Methodology: In this work, we have utilized the active control method to achieve complete and projective synchronization of the new 3-D chaotic system proposed by Sundarapandian et. al. The master/slave technique is implemented in this work.The analytical solution is verified numerically using the Runge-Kutta 4th order and the results are displayed.Expected Result: Is to show that the new 3D chaotic system can be synchronized and also show its projective synchronization.


IDOWU BABATUNDE is a Professor at the Department of Physics

IDOWU has a Ph.D in Physics from Physics Department, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria

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