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Research Interest

Topic: Breast And Surgical Oncology

Description: Research on the epidemiology, aetiology, presentation, treatment and outcome of treatment of breast and gastro-intestinal cancers. These include genetic alterations and late presentation of breast cancer among Nigerian women, pattern of spread and pathological types of breast and colon cancers, role of physical activity in prevention of gastric cancer and study of some uncommon types of breast and gastro-intestinal tumours like phyllodes tumour and gastro-intestinal stromal tumour. Study also include assessing knowledge and perception of breast cancer in the population.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. MD Doctor of Medicine (Medicine and Surgery) AL FATEH UNIVERSITY MEDICAL SCHOOL, TRIPOLI, LIBYA 1983

Current Research

Germline variants and somatic mutation signature of breast cancer across populations of African European ancestry in the US and Nigeria

Research Details

Research on Genetics of breast cancer in Black women and Identifying Genetic Alterations in Breast Cancer Samples from Nigerian Women in collaboration with The.University of Chicago & Norvatis was conducted in UCH, Ibadan and LASUTH in Ikeja. The aim was to study the genetics of breast cancer and identify alterations in the genetics of breast cancer samples from Nigerian patients. Black women with breast cancer are known to have poorer prognosis than their Caucasian counterparts. Methodology included core biopsy of the breast lesion and extraction of DNA and RNA materials from the breast tissue and blood in our laboratory. The materials were shipped to the University of Chicago for genetic sequencing to identify any significant alterations. Results from this study may help identify some of the reasons for the aggressive nature of breast cancer in blacks and this may offer us the chance of using targeted therapy in the treatment of this condition among our women and improve their prognosis and quality of life


IBRAHIM NASIRU is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Surgery

IBRAHIM has a MD Doctor of Medicine in Medicine and Surgery from AL FATEH UNIVERSITY MEDICAL SCHOOL, TRIPOLI, LIBYA

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