Meet IBIKUNLE GANIYU ABIONA, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Educational Administration And Leadership


Lecturer II


Educational Management


At the Educational Management department office

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Research Interest

Topic: Effective Leadership, Participatory Decision Making , Access To Education, Manpower Development And Innovation


The focus of  these research interests is to assure quality and improve human capacity through in depth investigations to proffer solutions to foreseen and or unforeseen phenomenal in particularly the education sector and generally in the economy.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Educational Management (Specialisation in Educational Administration)) Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education, Lagos State University,Ojo 2021

Current Research

Assessment of Teachers' Behavioural Factors on Insurance Curriculum Development in Public Senior Secondary Schools in Lagos State, Nigeria

Research Details

INTRODUCTION: Insurance education is yet to find its genuine place in the educational pattern of secondary schools in Nigeria hence the necessary facilities are inadequate. The lack of suitable study materials has frequently been a topic to discuss for several years at the global level. This hinders genuine transformative changes that ought to have made to match the professional financial services market to the curriculum dedicated to teaching, analysing and researching the insurance subject (Adelman and Dorfman, 2008). The question as to the effectiveness of insurance teaching, learning and literarcy in secondary schools becomes imperative, hence many students are yet to embrace the subject at the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination. This inefficacy has been attributed to the dearth of resource persons in the field of insurance education at the secondary school level.  

OBJECTIVE: To examine the relationship between teachers' attitudes and insurance curriculum development in public senior secondary schools in Lagos State, Nigeria. Also to evaluate the effect of teachers' learning capacities on insurance curriculum development in Public senior secondary schools in Lagos State, Nigeria.


IBIKUNLE GANIYU is a Lecturer II at the Department of Educational Management

IBIKUNLE has a Ph.D in Educational Management (Specialisation in Educational Administration) from Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education, Lagos State University,Ojo

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