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Critical Discourse Analysis


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Topic: Critical Language Awareness Project On Language Learning And Teaching For Developing Political Leadership Qualities

Description: The Critical Language Awareness Project is a language teaching and learning research area that takes into consideration critical issues in literacy, politics, communication and management. Already, I have in the course of the project published an Article in the iCommonwealth Journal of Youth Development./iThe paper examined critical language awareness conditions that determine the design of language learning classroom that caters to the development political leaders to evolved a developed society.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (English Language/ Critical Discourse Analysis) Department of English/ Faculty of Arts/ University of Ibadan 2010

Current Research

Critical Discourse Study of Political Ideologies in Ogu Proverbs, Wise Sayings and Folklores

Research Details

The Ogu language is one of the endangered languages of the Southwest Nigeria that shares kinship with the Yoruba language as a member of the Kwa language family. To bring the language out of its current endangerment, I have decided to study proverbs, wise sayings and folklore in the language to bring to the limelight political ideologies hidden in them. The aim is to bring to the consciousness of other linguists that the Ogu language could be studied just as other languages as there are speakers who hold worldviews that define them as a people with discrete and distinct culture. The methodology adopted for the research is Norman Failcoughs 2003 Critical Discourse Analysis CDA Model that accommodates the application of the linguistic model of M. A. K. Halliday 2014 , The Systemic Functional Grammar. The study is expected to reveal the structure of the proverbs, wise sayings and folklore in Ogu on one hand and one the other political ideologies will be mapped to indicate how the Ogu view the political structuring of their society to show how life could be organised. The research contributes to the understanding of the Ogu as a people and how further studies could be done to ensure the analysis of other aspects of Discourse Analysis. On the other hand the study would reveal how pedagogical issues involving the study of language and study with data drawn from the Ogu communities could be done. Moreover, from the study, one could research into the effects of the English language on the Ogu language and vice versa to account for the Sociolinguistic and, in some other breadth, Anthropological linguistic issues around and bout the Ogu. This is a work in progress that will generate numerous publications in journals and chapter contributions in books.


HUNJO HENRY is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of English Language

HUNJO has a Ph.D in English Language/ Critical Discourse Analysis from Department of English/ Faculty of Arts/ University of Ibadan

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