Meet HASSAN ADENIYI OLALEKAN, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Journalism Studies, Media Governance, Political Communication


Lecturer II


Public Relations and Advertising


At the Public Relations And Advertising department office

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# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Communication Studies) Department of Journalism, Lagos State University 2023

Current Research

Analysis of Covid-19 Messages on Television Stations

Research Details

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 advocates good health and well-being of the people by year 2030. The outbreak of the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus COVID-19 World Health Organisation, 2020a during 2020 has caused deaths around the world. Perhaps, the objective of the SDG could be unattainable by year 2030 owing to COVID-19 that seems to be with us for a very long period. According to WHO 2022 , as at July 12, 2022, an estimated 554, 290, 112 were affected globally with 6, 351, 801 deaths recorded. Available data from WHO and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control NCDC indicate that Nigeria has recorded 258, 981 COVID-19 cases with 3, 144 deaths across the 36 states WHO, 2022; NCDC, 2022 . this has caused health panic and an unprecedented change globally especially in lifestyle and how health related issues are perceive by global audience. the pandemic brought about an era rituals and solitary globally. Governments and relevant health organisations encourage to adopt these behaviours through messages in mass media and social networks, hoping people would develop new habits and in doing so help reduce the number of contagions and the strain on health workers. The objectives of the study are to: determine the types of frames used in television Covid-19 messages; investigates the categories of media messages used used by television stations; evaluate the forms of appeals used in framing Covid-19 messages on television. This study adopts framing theory. The study employs qualitative method using visual and text analysis in gathering data from selected television stations such as DSTV, Television Continental and Channels etc. Covid-19 news, commercials and public announcements between 2020 and 2021 will be analysed.


HASSAN ADENIYI is a Lecturer II at the Department of Public Relations and Advertising

HASSAN has a Ph.D in Communication Studies from Department of Journalism, Lagos State University

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