Meet GOODMAN OLAYINKA OLUFISAYO, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.



Lecturer I


Community Health and Primary Care


At the Community Health And Primary Care department office

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Research Interest

Topic: General Public Health Conditions, Social Medicine, Reproductive Health

Description: Conditions that are of general Public health concerns, How social factors and issues affect health, quality issues in health and factors affecting uptake /utilization of health services and products, Reproductive health issues.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. MBBS (Medicine & Surgery) UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN, ILORIN 1998

Current Research

Socio-Economic Implications And Safety Practices Of Waste Pickers At A Major Dumpsite In Lagos

Research Details

Cities and urban areas generate large volume of solid wastes and also a large pool of unemployed and underemployed residents. Inability of government agencies and individuals to sustainably manage these waste has led to creation of room for the activities of ‘waste pickers’. A waste picker is a person who salvages reusable or recyclable materials to sell or for personal consumption; They include those working on dumps or persons picking garbage on the streets. The presence of recyclables and reusable materials in the waste creates opportunity for waste pickers in the waste management chain.Waste picking has been reported to provide income for over 15 million people worldwide. Reported hazards of waste pickers include skin and blood infections, injuries and infection of wounds, eye and respiratory infections, bites from animals feeding on waste and intestinal infections.Others include: poisoning and chemical burns, burns and other injuries resulting from occupational accidents at waste disposal sites or from methane gas explosion at landfill sites.This study was carried out to determine the socio-economic implications and safety practices of waste pickers at Olusosun dump site, Ojota, Lagos stateThe study was carried out at Olusosun dumpsite at Ojota which doubles as a sanitary landfill site. A descriptive cross sectional study was carried out among 270 consecutively recruited waste pickers at the dumpsite using a pretested interviewers' administered questionnaire. Data was analysed with Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). All of the respondents were aware that hazards are associated with waste picking at dumpsites only about half of them used PPE every time. The major hazards reported were: joint pains, Cuts and waist pain. Awareness of infections like tetanus, hepatitis as a hazard of the job was low.


GOODMAN OLAYINKA is a Lecturer I at the Department of Community Health and Primary Care

GOODMAN has a MBBS in Medicine & Surgery from UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN, ILORIN

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