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Topic: An Evaluation Of The MDGs And EFA At The Basic Education Level In Lagos State

Description: The study is intended to evaluate the extent to which the Lagos State Government was able to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and Education for All targets given that many developing countries could not achieve the set Goals and targets by 2015. Indeed, there are many components of the MDGs 8 in all and EFA 6 in all but only 2 among the MDGs Goals 2 and 3 pertain to education while all the 6 in the EFA concern education. However, as an educational planner, only those that relate to planning indices most specifically namely access, gender parity and quality will be the subject of concern. With 2030 Sustainable SDGs Development Goals in the front burner now, this study could not have come at a better time than now to serve as a springboard for a successful implementation of the SDGs. Secondary source of data is planned to be used with descriptive statistical tools largely planed to be used for analysis.


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1. Ph.D (Educational Planning) Lagos State University 2012

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The heightened ignominious security challenges that characterise the Nigerian economy at present namely terrorism, kidnapping and the activities of the herdsmen have almost put the country on the world map of terrorism. This is unimaginable in the most populous black nation of the world blessed with abundant human and material resources. Concerned by this ugly situation, the paper assessed the security challenges and the consequences of this pathetic situation on the educational system bringing out the unfortunate destruction of schools and educational materials and infrastructure. More worrisome to the paper was the killing and kidnapping of the manpower and students that would be future leaders. The paper was able to discover the sources of the security challenges which formed the core of the implications for educational planning. Some of the topics for inclusion in the curricula are religious and civic education which must be built around the major religions in the country and made compulsory , peace and security education, love and unity among others. Some of the recommendations include equipping all security agencies with necessary apparatuses to guarantee peace, formulation of appropriate laws by the National Assembly to curb the activities of the herdsmen, the introduction of peace, security and entrepreneurship education into school curricula and useful economic policies to reduce unemployment in the long-run as well as the re-invigoration of the National Youth Service Corp Scheme


GBENU JIDE is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Educational Management

GBENU has a Ph.D in Educational Planning from Lagos State University

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