Meet GBELEYI EMMANUEL ORILADE DR., an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.



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At the Anatomy department office

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Research Interest

Topic: Neuroanatomy

Description: I am interested in studying the structure and component of the human brain in relation to human functions including the structural variations that exist and structural basis for neurological disease conditions.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Post-Graduate Diploma (Christian Theology) Department of Christian Theology, National Open University. 2015

Current Research

Protective effects of Kolaviron against Cadmium-induced testicular alterations in Rodents: Implications for Male Fertility

Research Details

Testicular alterations following exposure to Cadmium toxicity is well documented. Testicular alterations has been implicated in male infertility. Moreso, the entire spectrum of Cadmium-induced testicular alterations in male infertility has not been fully elucidated. However, agents that can protect against or reverse the toxic effects of Cadmium on the testis would be of great importance. The overall aim of this study was to histomorphometrically examine the effects of Kolaviron on Cadmium induced testicular toxicity in rodents. 40 male 10-13 weeks old Wistar rats were randomly divided into 4 groups A-D of 10 rats each and treated as follows: Group A (Control) received 0.5ml/kg of Distilled water daily for 5days. Group B (Exp. 1) received oral single daily dose of Cadmium at 15 mg per kg. body weight plus oral dose of 200 mg per kg body weight of Kolaviron suspended in Virginia coconut oil for 5 days. Group C Exp. 2) received Cadmium 15 mg/kg. body weight oral single daily dose and Virgin coconut oil at 6mls per kg. body weight only while Group D (Negative control) received 6mls per kg body weight oral Virgin coconut oil only. Histomorphometric evaluation was carried out after the experiment and statistical analysis of data. There was statistically significant increase in testicular weight and enlargement (1.36 /-0.8, 1.08 /-0.04) with moderate to severe histomorphologc alterations in Group C when compared with Group B (p less than 0.05). Volumetric parameters did not show statistically significant differences among the groups ( p is greater than 0.05). Kolaviron prevented the deleterious effects of Cadmium on testicular histomorphologc of Wistar rats.


GBELEYI EMMANUEL is a Lecturer II at the Department of Anatomy

GBELEYI has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Christian Theology from Department of Christian Theology, National Open University.

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