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1. Ph.D (African and Caribbean Literature) Universite de Bordeaux 1980

Current Research

The Contradictory images of Islam in Africa’s Francophone Literature

Research Details

The major objective of this current research is to examine reasons and how the images of Islam in post colonial francophone literature of Africa South of the Sahara  have undergone  two significant changes: first,  the relevance of Islam in the post-colonial reconstruction period between 1960 and the 90’s; the second phase is the role of Islam  in Africa since the September 11 2002 destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York.

                               The novel, The Ambiguous Adventure, by Cheikh Hamidou Kane is considered by literary critics  as a bold attempt by the writer to show how Islam could be a rallying force in the resolution of the identity crisis facing Africa , South of the Sahara, in the first phase of the post colonial era.

                                This research will also attempt to show how the ideological role model of Islam suggested by Cheikh Hamidou Kane was violently rejected by some writers including those of the Islamic persuasion.

                              The collapse of the Soviet Union, the September 11 tragedy  and unfulfilled promises of the political elite coupled with the “eternal” crisis in the Middle East , especially between Israelis and Palestinians,  have led to francophone writers revisiting the role of Islam in Africa South of the Sahara. This second phase of the image of Islam in  Africa’s Francophone literature requires the need to compare , in this global age, how similar attempts are taking place in other continents of the world.


FATUNDE TUNDE is a Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages

FATUNDE has a Ph.D in African and Caribbean Literature from Universite de Bordeaux

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