Meet FAPOHUNDA TINUKE MORADEKE, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Human Resource Management, Gender Sensitivity , Compensation , Change And Development




Industrial Relations and Personnel Management


At the Industrial Relations And Personnel Management department office

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Research Interest

Topic: Human Resource Management

Description: Women and Gender studies, Organisation Behaviour, Development Studies and Human Resources Management.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Industrial Relations) University of Ibadan 2001

Current Research

Influence of Moonlighting On the Performance of Public Sector Health Care Workers in Lagos Nigeria

Research Details

The study scrutinized the performance (in terms of attendance to patients, number of hours worked and efforts at personal development and moonlighting among health care workers (especially doctors and nurses) in Lagos the commercial capital of Nigeria. The sample size was three hundred and fifty-seven doctors and nurses selected from public sector hospitals. One hospital was selected from each of the six divisions in the states. Population of doctors and nurses in the six divisions in the state was 3567. By applying 10% sample size determination formula, a sample of 357 was arrived at. The stratified random sampling technique was employed in selecting respondents. The central instrument for data collection was a self-designed questionnaire ‘Health Care Workers’ Performance Questionnaire (HCWPQ).’ Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistical techniques including simple percentages, analysis of variance and t-test. The hypothesis tested demonstrates a significant disparity between the performance of the doctors and nurses university who moonlight and those who do not (t=3.57; p<0.05). There was an opposite correlations between the number of hours worked and the number of hospitals the doctors and nurses work in (-0.143). There was considerable disparity in performance as regards attendance to patients (F= 7.465; p< 0.05), and number of seminars and conferences attended (F= 2.562; p<0.05). Attempts at enhancing the performance of doctors and nurses in the public sector health care services must in recognize the suitable health care guidelines that will facilitate the attainment of required aspiration of doctors and nurses performance in the area of care for patients.


FAPOHUNDA TINUKE is a Professor at the Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

FAPOHUNDA has a Ph.D in Industrial Relations from University of Ibadan

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