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Research Interest

Topic: Environmental Law

Description: Professor Olanrewaju Fagbohun is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. He is an environmental law specialist and has been working in related areas of cutting edge public law (teaching, research and advocacy). He has published over 199 articles in local and international peer reviewed journals in different areas of environmental protection and sustainable development. He is the author of The Law of Oil pollution and Environmental Restoration: A Comparative Review; and the influential inaugural work, Mournful Remedies, Endless Conflicts and Inconsistencies in Nigeria?s Quest for Environmental Governance: Rethink the Legal Possibilities. He has served as consultant and task leader for National and State Governments, and Development Agencies. He was one of the 19 experts globally selected in 2012 to work in the Task Force that produced the International Bar Association publication titled Achieving Justice and Human Rights in an Era of Climate Disruption.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Law) Department of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University 2008

Current Research

The Climate Change Challenge: Implications of the Paris Agreement for Africa

Research Details

My research interest covers issues of sustainable development, sustainable livelihoods, environmental protection, law and governance and the environmental rights of indigenous groups. In this regard, reference can be made to the following among others: (i) My current research is on The Climate Change Challenge: Implications of the Paris Agreement for Africa. The Paris Agreement was finalized at the 21st Conference of Parties in December 2015, and is to officially enter into force in 2020 as the document that will replace the Kyoto Protocol as framework for cooperative action on climate change beyond 2020. Under the current international system where rights are intended to be protected to control assets (intellectual, social, financial and economic), while remedies are intended to be enforced to control the protection of the assets, the research interrogates how effective the Parris Agreement will be for Africa as a document rested on the good faith of parties.(ii)Lead Co-ordinator, joint team of the Lagos State Government; Environmental Law Research Institute and Environmental Training and Transfer GmbH of Germany in respect of risk assessment/corrective action occasioned by the pollution of underground waters by crude oil in three (3) communities in Lagos State (2014); (iii)Principal Investigator, ?Identifying Gaps in Data Privacy and Security in the Adoption of Cloud Services in Nigeria: A Case Study of SMEs and the Education Sector?, funded by Microsoft Nigeria Limited, 2014; (Grant Sum: US$35,000.00.(iv)Consultant and Lead Co-ordinator, Lagos State Government, Needs Assessment Study Towards Building A Culture of Pro Bono in Lagos (2014); (v)Member, Preparatory Group for the Development of An African Convention on Environmental Ethics for Sustainable Livelihood with base at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, (Westville Campus; Durban) South Africa. (2013); (vi)Member, Africa Initiative on Capacity Building in Indigenous Knowledge Systems Research and Postgraduate Training and Supervision.


FAGBOHUN OLANREWAJU is a Professor at the Department of Law

FAGBOHUN has a Ph.D in Law from Department of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University

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