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Industrial Relations and Personnel Management


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Research Interest

Topic: Effects Of Technology Innovation On Human Resource Management And Employment Relation

Description: My papers and my presentations at the local and international conferences on the effect of technology innovation on human resource management and employment relation have been published in reputable journals and conference proceeding. I have also published two books on these research area. My first book is titled Managing Technology Innovation: The Human Resource Management Perspective: Published by Peter Lang Frankfurt Am Main Germany in 2009. This book provides various methods by which technological innovation could be improved using human resource management approach. Major area of human resource planning, human resource training and development, employee motivation, industrial relation others were used to promote technological innovation of Research and Development departments and organisations. The book concludes that technological development could only be achieved by considering human resource management approach.The book focuses on the influence of unprecedented technological innovation such as robot, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT) that have revolutionized the work place and work systems in the last two decade. Findings from the two books reveal that the technology innovation has change all aspects of human resource management and employment relations and the future of work system will be uncertain.The first book has been accepted worldwide and this can be judge by the reviews, comments and advertisement on the book in many parts of world such as Germany, China, Russia, Canada and others. Thus I have made some tangible contribution in broad areas of Management, Technology Innovation, Industrial Relation, Human Resource Management and Globalisation Interface.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Industrial Education / Human Resource Development) University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State. 2000

Current Research

Managing Technology Innovation for Organisational Competitiveness, National Economic Growth and Workers Well being.

Research Details

Traditional employment relations are changing due to the influence of improved technologies. Emerging new forms of works are developing for organisations and nations to cope with the challenges associated with technological change. Governments, employers, and managers are providing regulations and practices to cope with the challenges of technology. Developing countries have also been forced to cope with new technologies such as Robots and artificial intelligences have led to the productions of large quantities of goods and services and promote, but they have also led to the reduction of workers and managers inputs which further weakens the unions and lowers managers’ influence in most large organizations. My research interest focuses on establishing methods and practices to enable the organizations, workers and managers in developing countries to cope with and manage the technological challenges. Descriptive research method is employed for my researches. Findings proved that the use training, education, development, apprenticeship, technological incubation and vocational training methods increase workers and managers innovative and creative abilities to cope with the technological change. My researches provides workers, managers, employers and governments strategies to promote the use of technologies for organizational competitiveness, national economic growth and global trade without undermining the interest of workers and consumers. Most earlier researches focused on the developed and some other emerging nations. My researches provide effective strategies by which present and future challenges of technologies could be assessed, monitored and managed for organizational competitiveness and national development in the developing nations. My researches proved the effectiveness of using employment relations and Human Resource management strategies for managing technology innovation.


DAUDA YUNUS is a Professor at the Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

DAUDA has a Ph.D in Industrial Education / Human Resource Development from University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State.

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