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Topic: Iron Deficiency And Anaemia In Heart Failure



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1. MB.ChB (Medicine and Surgery) Obafemi Awolowo University ,Faculty of Health Sciences 1988

Current Research

Prevalence of Sleep disordered breathing in patients with heart failure

Research Details

Introduction: sleep disordered breathing is a phenomenon known to occur among patients with heart failure and has the potential to worsen an already grave prognosis. It has however not been well studied in sub-Saharan Africa, probably due to the expense and technicality of equipment needed to do so. The objective of this study was to establish the prevalence of sleep disordered breathing in heart failure using a simple monitor and to determine clinical and demographic correlates of the phenomenon. Methods: the study was a cross-sectional research of patients with heart failure; they had a full history and clinical examination and echocardiograms. Overnight pulse oximetry was carried out using an ambulatory pulse oximeter and the 3% oxygen desaturation index was determined digitally. Sleep disordered breathing was defined as oxygen desaturation index of 12.5/hour. The STOP-BANG questionnaire was also administered to the subjects. Clinical features were correlated with ODI using Student s T-test, and a multivariate regression analysis was carried out with the significant features. Results: forty-four 48.8% of the patients had sleep-disordered breathing: 18.8% 17 of these had central sleep apnea, 30% 27 had obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep disordered breathing was more prevalent among males p-value=0.008 , heavier persons p-value=0.033 and those with a higher Body mass index p-value=0.032 . The STOP-BANG correlated well with oxygen desaturation index X2 =4.403; p-value=0.036 . The odds of having sleep disordered breathing are higher with males OR: 2.588, 95%CI=1.031-7.954, p=0.034 and with a high risk STOP-BANG score OR: 0.361, 95% CI=0.133-0.967; p=0.045. Conclusion: sleep disordered breathing is common among male patients with heart failure, and the STOP-BANG score is valuable as a simple screening tool for sleep disordered breathing in heart failure.


DANIEL FOLASADE is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Medicine

DANIEL has a MB.ChB in Medicine and Surgery from Obafemi Awolowo University ,Faculty of Health Sciences

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