Meet BAMISILE SUNDAY ADETUNJI, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Comparative Literature And Gender Studies


Senior Lecturer


Foreign Languages


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Research Interest

Topic: Issues On Afro-Brazilian And Portuguese, And Comparative Literatures.


My research interest focuses on Afro-Brazilian and Portuguese, and comparative Literatures. Main attention has been placed on the question of gender and female writing in contemporary African Literature and Literature in African Diaspora. Using comparative, afro and Eurocentric feminist and postcolonial theories as THEORETICAL BACKGROUND which serves as the basis for the process of cross-examination and representation of the various themes of abject poverty and marginalization, violent brutalization and oppression, discrimination of children and women as well as their struggles for liberation from the heavy yoke of patriarchal burdens and their struggle for auto-determination and realization in the societies depicted.

I have been able to use my work to promote black African heritage and identity, criticize the effects of racism, sexism and class division, condemn economic exploitation and marginalization, reject the negative stereotypes of black women all over the world, as well as to advocate for women’s self-reliance and emancipation for the attainment of freedom.

Through the analysis of representations of children and women characters in different social, historical and political contexts in the works of different black African writers’, I was able to focus on the precarious conditions of women and the problems associated with their / these situations.



# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Studies in Portuguese Literatures and Cultures ( Comparative Studies)) Faculdade de Letras, Univesidade de Lisboa 2012

Current Research

The dynamics of Portuguese language and literature in African integration and development.

Research Details

  I am working in collaboration with the Centre for Portuguese Language and Lusophone Cultures and Portuguese Language and Cultural Centre on a book project titled The dynamics of Portuguese language and literature in African integration and development.  This project focuses on various aspects of Portuguese in Africa – ranging from government and politics, International relations, diaspora, economics, socio-cultural and religious, gender question, conflicts and wars, among others. 

In collaboration with Prof. Tayo Ajayi, Professor Manuela Ribeiro Sanches, Professor António Borges of University of Lisbon, Portugal and Tilah Amarante Cohen, of Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, I serve as the executive editor of LASU Journal of Portuguese Studies Edition titled: FOREIGN LANGUAGES IN A PLURILINGUAL AFRICAN SOCIETY

 On a personal level, I am examining The concept of the sea as a symbol of the source life,  hardship and death in Anglophone and Lusophone Literature.  My objective is to demonstrate the line that separates the known from the unknown through the use of various literary texts written by writers from Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and São Tome and Principle.


BAMISILE SUNDAY is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages

BAMISILE has a Ph.D in Studies in Portuguese Literatures and Cultures ( Comparative Studies) from Faculdade de Letras, Univesidade de Lisboa

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