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Research Interest

Topic: My Research Interest Focuses On Critical Examination Of Prevailing State And Strategies To Improve The Economics Curriculum, Materials And Pedagogical Techniques Used To Teach Economics At All Educational Levels; And Research Into The Efficacy Of Alternative Instructional Techniques Or Strategies In Economics, The Level Of Economic Literacy Of Numerous Groups, And Factors That Affect The Level Of Economic Literacy.

Description: Economics Pedagogy, Economic Literacy, Economics of Education, Curriculum Development and Implementation, 21st Century Skills and Entrepreneurship Education 


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. M.Sc (Economics) University of Lagos, Akoka 2018

Current Research

Effects of Social Protection Programmes on Poverty in Nigeria

Research Details

The study investigates the effect of social protection programmes on poverty in Nigeria. The study aim at determining the effect of government social protection programmes such as government transport, education, health, agriculture, social & community work and construction services on poverty. The study employed the use of secondary data ranges from 1980-2016 from CBN data base and WDI. The variables have different order of stationarity, some were stationary at first differenced while others at second differenced and some at both first and second differenced but no variable was stationary at level. The co-integrating test shows that there is a long-run relationship among the variables, and dynamic OLS was adopted in ascertaining the causal relationship between the independent variables and per capita real GDP (proxy for poverty). The findings of the study shows that , recurrent expenditure on social protection programmes such as government services on education, health, construction activities, agriculture, transport and social & community services have impact on per capita real GDP, which implies increase in social welfare and thus result in reducing poverty situation in Nigerian. Also, recurrent expenditure on transport sector was shown to have great impact on social welfare and enhance poverty level. Also, capital expenditure on economic services and social & community services was discovered to have a great and positive impact on per capita real GDP in Nigerian and social welfare. However, capital expenditure on social and community services is noted to be the most effective social protection programmes that can improve social welfare and thus reduce poverty. Based on the findings, the following were recommended; government should promote subsidy in the area of transport cost, increases in capital investment in social & community services and proper targeting of social protection programmes.



BAMIRO NURUDEEN is a Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Lang, Arts AND Sci

BAMIRO has a M.Sc in Economics from University of Lagos, Akoka

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