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Topic: Association Between Keratoconus And Allergic Conjunctivitis In Children Attending A Tertiary Hospital In Nigeria

Description: Objective: To ascertain an association between keratoconus and allergic conjunctivitis and to know if it is necessary to investigate all patients with allergic conjunctivitis for keratoconus.Methods: A hospital-based prospective study in which the eyes of children presenting with ocular allergic diseases were examined. Social demographics and clinical data were captured in a questionnaire. All the patients underwent keratometry using the autorefractor-keratometer and the pachymeter was used to measure the central corneal thickness. Data analysis was done with IBM SPSS version 28 for Windows. Frequency and chi-square were used as descriptive statistics to determine the association between dependent and independent variables. Inferential statistics using one-way ANOVA and t-test. P - Value at


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. FWACS (Ophthalmology) Ophthalmology 2011

Current Research

Evaluation of Dry Eyes in Users of Digital Electronic Gadgets.

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Electronic gadgets have since become an integral part of modern life in which their use has since increased during the Covid -19 era when schools were closed- down and students and individuals have to resort to studying/working from home with the use of these gadgets mostly the Smartphone.The positive effects of use of these electronic gadgets include communication and connectivity thereby making it easier for people to stay connected with family and friends and providing easy access to information on the internet and networking. Despite these positive effects, prolonged use can have a negative impact on children as well as adults. Bad posture may lead to neck and back pain, can cause poor sleep pattern, depression and anxiety, headache and Digital eyestrain which include dry eyes, redness of the eyes and blurred vision.The study is a hospital-based cross-sectional prospective study in which all patients or relatives of patients within the age range of 7-69 years who meet the inclusion criteria and give their consent voluntarily to participate in the study would be administered a questionnaire and have their eyes examined by an ophthalmologist at the eye clinic in LASUTH. Ikeja.Statistical analysis would be done using SPSS software version 27. Results would be expressed as means standard deviation SD and percentages with a 95% confidence interval and P-value 0.05. Student t-test and chi-square for comparison of the group parameters and correlation analysis would be done. The influence of the duration of use of the gadget and type of gadget on Schirmer s test, TBUT, Corneal fluorescein staining and OSDI would be investigated by multivariate regression.


BALOGUN MODUPE is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Surgery

BALOGUN has a FWACS in Ophthalmology from Ophthalmology

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