Meet AZEEZ RASHEED OLAWALE, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Human Resource Management, Well-being, Health And Safety


Lecturer II


Industrial Relations and Personnel Management


At the Industrial Relations And Personnel Management department office

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# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Human Resource Management) Lagos State University 2019

Current Research

Yoruba Artistic Traditions as Therapeutic Tools: Unveiling the Healing Potential for Employee Trauma Recovery and Well-being

Research Details

In contemporary society, employees face numerous challenges related to their well-being and emotional health, often grappling with the aftermath of trauma and its impact on their lives. This study delves into the profound healing potential of Yorùbá (an ethnic group in Nigeria) group artistic traditions in aiding employees’ trauma recovery and promoting overall well-being. Recognizing the significance of traditional art forms in the Yorùbá culture, this research explores their therapeutic applications in a modern context. The prevalent problem in today's workforce is the growing concern for employees’ mental and emotional health following traumatic experiences. Addressing this, the study raises three pivotal research questions: (1) How can Yorùbá artistic traditions serve as therapeutic tools for employees, aiding in trauma recovery and fostering well-being? (2) What are the profound implications of incorporating Yorùbá artistic traditions into employee support systems and wellness programs within organizational settings? (3) How can organizations effectively integrate Yorùbá artistic traditions to enhance employee resilience, productivity, and overall workplace satisfaction? Employing a comprehensive methodology involving a thorough review of relevant literature and traditional newspapers, the study presents compelling findings. Yorùbá artistic traditions encompass a rich tapestry of healing elements deeply ingrained in their cultural fabric. Art forms such as dance, music, storytelling, and visual arts are recognized for their potential to facilitate emotional expression, healing, and resilience among individuals recovering from trauma. The conclusions drawn from this research emphasize the vital role of Yorùbá artistic traditions as therapeutic tools for employee trauma recovery and enhancement of overall well-being. Integrating these traditions into workplace wellness initiatives can significantly contribute to a more supportive and empathetic work environment. 


AZEEZ RASHEED is a Lecturer II at the Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

AZEEZ has a Ph.D in Human Resource Management from Lagos State University

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