Meet AZEEZ RASHEED OLAWALE, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Human Resource Management, Well-being, Creativity, Health And Safety


Lecturer II


Industrial Relations and Personnel Management


At the Industrial Relations And Personnel Management department office

Visiting Hour

Appointment on Visitation important


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Human Resource Management) Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, Lagos State University 2019

Current Research

Happiness at Work and Employee Wellbeing: A Qualitative Exploration

Research Details

Employees who are happy should exhibit win-win behaviour in the workplace by displaying the owners mind-set, and prosocial work behaviour. Apart from the fact that happiness at work might be seen as a by-product of positive outcomes, its link to employee wellbeing in constricting milieus like Nigeria is not adequately captured in extant organisational behaviour literatures. Therefore, this qualitative study explored the relationship between happiness at work and employee wellbeing among employees in Nigeria. Qualitative data was collected online from working professionals in the manufacturing industry in Nigeria using open-ended questions. Results indicated that happiness at work is central to achieving internal joy and internal harmony by employees which thus affected their wellbeing. Also, it was also revealed that when employers provided them with meaningful work and a sense of belongingness at work, they become happier and perceive their place of work as where they want to be, and not where they need to be. Consequently, this study recommended amongst others that, organisations should ensure that they adopt humane employment practices to continually spur employees happiness at work which will ultimately affect their wellbeing positively and organisational success in the long run.


AZEEZ RASHEED is a Lecturer II at the Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

AZEEZ has a Ph.D in Human Resource Management from Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, Lagos State University

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