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Topic: The Indomitable Lion (A Translation Of Afolabi Olabimtan’s Kekere Ekun)


This is a translation of Afolabi Olabimtan’s Yoruba novel Kekere Ekun into the English language. The project is being carried out to test the procedures for achieving translation equivalence in the conversion of African literature in indigenous language texts into target English language texts.

The aim is to highlight the problems translators encounter, with a view to using the outcome of this practical exercise to improve the quality of teaching translation studies in the department’s curriculum. It is also to ascertain the possibility of total message recovery with minimal loss of meaning in translation procedures. The methodology will involve a three-stage process of translation, back translation and integrity check that will lead to the production of a final TL version.

The translated text will offer readers from different parts of the world the opportunity to appreciate the historical context of the colonizing influence of western civilization on the indigenous cultures and languages of the African, particularly the Yoruba people. It is expected that a manual of practical guide to translation will be developed to serve as a resource material for translators and improve translation pedagogy within the department.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (English) English, University of Ibadan 2010

Current Research

Hate Speech and Flaming in online media in Nigeria

Research Details

The aim is to describe the discursive forms and functions of flaming in popular Nigerian discussion networking sites , particularly involving the youth population: facebook, Nairaland and Nigerian Village Square. The main objectives are to determine the contribution of topic and speakers’ personalities participants to participants' flaming behaviour. The method involves the collection of a word corpus of Nigerian online discussion forum compiled between 2018 and 2020. This will be processed using the Antconc corpus analytical software to search out keywords relating to name calling, profiling and threats. The study is expected to reveal the context of flaming behaviour in Nigeria, and the various categories of flaming behavioural traits such as verbal- name-calling, personality attack, ethnic profiles, and non-verbal -symbols, images, memes and emojis.  The study will contribute to the evolving online flaming discourse as a strand of political discourse analysis. It will explain in an objective manner the youths’ culture of language use in the public sphere to influence political action in the country.


AYODELE AYOTUNDE is a Professor at the Department of English Language

AYODELE has a Ph.D in English from English, University of Ibadan

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