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Topic: ‘Pragmatics Of Discourses On Nigerian Social Media’

Description: SUMMARY OF RESEARCH FOCUS: My research focus is primarily English Phonology and Discourse Analysis, with specific interest in Second Language contexts. Earlier research focused on phonology, grammar and issues of language teaching in ESL contexts, enhanced by my degrees in B.A. (English Studies) and M.A (English as a Second Language). Further and more recent research work focused on Discourse Analysis, Phonology and its analysis, and enhancing English Language teaching in L2 contexts. Such researches were possible with a PhD in Discourse Analysis and a PGDE, coupled with an MBA in Human Resources Management, thus adding a multidisciplinary approach to my research work. Research work culminating in journal articles, chapters in books and books have contributed immensely to knowledge nationally and internationally, in the past twenty-seven years. In the area of phonology, students as well as fellow academics have gained a lot of insights from my work; a few of my former students themselves now senior academics specializing in English Phonetics and Phonology, as a consequence of such impact. My research work in the field of Discourse Analysis have been particularly accepted by the international community, with many of such products published internationally – in the United States of America, US-China Online, the United Kingdom, Germany and Africa. Presently, I am working on Felicitous/infelicitous or Political Discourse on Social Media, and the research is ongoing.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (English (Discourse Analysis)) English, University of Lagos. 2010

Current Research

‘Pragmatics of Discourses on Nigerian Social Media’

Research Details

(a) RESEARCH IN PROGRESS: TITLE: Pragmatics of Felicitous Discourses on Nigerian Social Media. INTRODUCTION: I am presently focusing on the analysis of spoken discourse, both as conversation and speech, in various “Nigerian English” contexts, with the aim of establishing peculiar linguistic features which may characterize these speech events and suggest some underlying theory or theoretical principles. AIMS: To investigate how Pragmatics contributes to interactive, felicitous and successful discourse(s) in verbal communication between discussants on social media (including the mass media). METHODOLOGY: A Combined Speech Acts and Pragmatics Theoretical Approach is adopted in the analyses of different discourses, and on social media, including facebook. Presuppositions, implicatures, infelicities, face saving moves, etc which all contribute to successful communication and which must be understood or properly utilized by interlocutors are being interrogated. These aspects of Pragmatics are being critically investigated in the data utilized. However, phonological analyses are done where useful. Phonemic theory, Generative phonology or Prosodic approaches are employed, according to the data in use. FINDINGS: Research is ongoing.(b) RESEARCH COMPLETED: Obasanjo’s Speeches (Selected) and Other Analyzed Discourses. (i) A Discourse Analysis of Former President Goodluck Jonathan and President Muhammadu Buhari’s 2015 Election campaign speeches – An International Paper published (Germany). (ii) A Discourse Analysis of President Donald Trump’s Speeches – An International Paper Published (U.K) (iii) Phonological Analysis of Nigerian English in Different Contexts – A Co-edited book and a paper published. (Nigeria)


ATOLAGBE ADEBUKUNOLA is a Professor at the Department of English Language

ATOLAGBE has a Ph.D in English (Discourse Analysis) from English, University of Lagos.

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