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Topic: Feminine Verse-Smiths In Arabic Literary Trandition: A Thematic And Stylistic Of Layla Al-akhyaliyyah's Poems

Description: The orientation of my research is geared towards Arabic Literary studies generally from the Medieval Era with special emphasis on the archival studies of West African scholars and in particular the Nigerian authored manuscripts.My endeavor in the field of Arabic Literature further stimulated my interest in a seemingly neglected or scarcely attended aspect of literary study which is the feminine versifiers over the ages which forms the major theme of my ongoing Doctoral study. My work sometimes delve into applied linguistics as no literary work can be achieved without language studies with it’s attendant modern usage and coinages.. The urge to develop the best instructional methodology and materials for effective teaching and learning of Arabic language in a non-Arab setting is responsible for my occasional incursion into language teaching and learning a situation that had motivated me to attend some Seminars/Workshops and Conferences.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Post-Graduate Diploma (Language Education) Curriculum Studies, Lagos State University, Ojo. 2003

Current Research

The Feminine Verse –smiths in Arabic Literary Tradition : A Thematic and Stylistic Analysis of Layl? al – Akhyaliyyah (d. 85 A.H./ 704 C.E)

Research Details

My research endeavor in the field of Arabic literature has further stimulated my interest in a seemingly neglected or scarcely attended aspect of literary study which is feminine versifiers over the ages. In view of this quest my ongoing doctoral study centres on investigations of women verse makers in Arabic literature from antiquity but with particular reference on Layla al – Akhyaliyyah and 8th century poetess whose renown in literary salon has been eclipsed by scarcity of material. I Have succeeded in obtaining copious bequest of some classical outstanding poetesses in Arabia, their endeavors, poetical works and subject of their composition particularly that of this great poetess. Analysis of what is considered as Layla al – Akhyaliyyah’s surviving anthology ( diwan) is been made, comparison with other leading poetess of classical period examined, It further analyzes the prevalent themes explored by her especially her threnody for her lover and the feminist disposition in her work.


ARIMIYAU SEKINAT is a Lecturer II at the Department of Foreign Languages

ARIMIYAU has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Language Education from Curriculum Studies, Lagos State University, Ojo.

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