Meet ANIMASHAUN BASHIR OLALEKAN, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Social And Political History Of Lagos


Senior Lecturer


History and International Relations


At the History And International Relations department office

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Research Interest

Topic: Social And Political History Of Lagos From Earliest Times

Description: The main objective is to examine the place of Social and Political Institutions as well as individuals in the evolution and Development of Lagos from earliest time.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (History) University of Ibadan 2015

Current Research

The Amaro(Brazillian Returnees) And Cultural Diffusion in Lagos: A Study of The Lagos -Pacific Cultural Relations

Research Details

Amaro is the traditional word used to describe the Brazilian returnees whose advent in Lagos was an aftermath of the abolition of the trans Atlantic slave trade. And since their return to Lagos, they have succeeded in institutionalizing a replica of the Rio Carnival known in Lagos as the Fanti Carnival. This work examines the advent of the Amaro (Brazilian Returnees) in Lagos from 1830s and their contributions to the Lagos cultural system. As one of the cultures which diffused from the Pacific to the Lagos society few years prior to the British conquest of Lagos in 1850, the Fanti carnival has become a state -wide cultural system from being an exclusive Lagos Island affair. The work using the Historical narrative and analytical methods provides insights into how the Fanti carnival became a state-wide affair. The work concludes that the introduction and eventual integration of the Fanti carnival into the Lagos Cultural system was as a result of the atavistic ties of the Brazilian returnees (Amaro) to their pristine cultural heritage and the transplantation of their cultural identity to cosmopolitan Lagos


ANIMASHAUN BASHIR is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of History and International Relations

ANIMASHAUN has a Ph.D in History from University of Ibadan

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