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Topic: Organisational Strategies And The Performance Of Selected Nigerian Telecommunication Companies

Description: Organisation success has become very transient because of the turbulent global business environment. Many organisations are compelled to adopt best fit strategies. Though many survival strategies are gaining currency in literature but appropriate match of these strategies is very imperative. This study is aimed at examining the effects of organisational strategies on the performance of companies in the Nigerian telecommunication industry. Specifically, the study evaluated the relative and combined effects of prospector, analyser, defender, and reactor on organisation performance. The study population is composed of 19,459 top and middle level management staff of telecommunication industry and the study adopted a survey research design. Combinations of judgemental and stratified random sampling techniques were used to select four major service providers in the industry and 377 respondents who are member’s staff of the organisations as sample size. Out of the 377 copies of questionnaire distributed, 356 were retrieved and analysed. Cronbach’s alpha was used to test the internal consistency of the research instrument. Three hypotheses were tested using inferential statistics, analysis of variance and regression analysis to establish the relationship among the variables. The study showed a positive influence of the increase in the number of combined strategies on organisational performance. The study reaffirmed the efficacy of Mile and Snow’s competitive strategy in the Nigeria Telecommunication Industry. It further showed that analyser strategy has less significant influence when compared to other strategies. The study recommended among others that telecommunication companies should adopt prospector, defender and reactor strategies to improve on their performances.


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1. Ph.D (Business Administration) Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria 2016

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Any organization that would like to survive in the competitive global market should understand and use various strategies to attract customers and make profit. Many successful Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have used different types of strategies in order to be competitive. One of the most widely considered of all the strategy is Porter (1980) theoretical framework which hinges on differentiation or cost leadership as the major means of achieving sustained competitive advantages. However, recent performances of most SMEs have shown that these methods are no longer making organization to be competitive. Hence, the new hybrid strategies based on cost minimization and differentiation are considered by many others based on their effectiveness. This study examines the use of hybrid strategies SMEs and the extent it has contributed to their sustained competitive advantage in Lagos State Nigeria. Based on SMEDAN (2013) record 11,663 SMEs were registered in Lagos State and considered as population for the study. Yamane (1967) formula was employed to determine the sample size which was 400 and the study engaged a multistage cluster sampling technique that is the combination of stratified, cluster and simple random sampling techniques to take representative sample size. Two hypotheses were formulated to determine whether there is significant relationship between the use of hybrid and generic strategies in the SMEs and between hybrid and stock-in-the-middle strategies. Questions were formulated to determine the strategies options and questionnaire were distributed to 400 SMEs owners who served as respondents out of which 313 were collected that is 78.3%. Findings revealed that SMEs that use hybrid strategies are more competitive than those that employed generic and stock-in-the-middle strategies. The study recommends that SMEs in Lagos State should use hybrid strategies in order to be successful in the competitive global market.  


AKINGBADE WAIDI is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Business Administration

AKINGBADE has a Ph.D in Business Administration from Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria

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