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Research Interest

Topic: Explore And Decipher Challenges Facing Computer Utilisation For Instruction , And Promote The Integration Of ICTs Into The School System

Description: My research has successfully developed and published a card and board game for teaching concepts in chemistry in senior secondary schools. To address the dearth of instructional software based on the school curriculum as discovered by research, Computer based software for teaching different concepts in Basic Science & Technology at the JSS level and Chemistry have been developed. I have also encouraged and guided undergraduates to develop software for teaching in school. My studies have x-rayed the pattern of interaction in classrooms and made recommendations for improving learners involvement in classroom instructions and ensure quality output from the school system.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Educational Technology) Lagos State University 2013

Current Research

Development of E-Attendance Mobile Application for Tertiary Institutions

Research Details

Taking attendance during or after a lecture is a problematic experience especially when it has to do with a large class whereby some students try to play smart by writing names of friends not present in class. Lecturers need to manually supervise the process or allocate a student to do the supervision which means some valuable time will be spent in the process. The study introduces a new approach to signing an attendance within the university system which involves the use of a developed mobile application E-attendance for both lecturers and students. The developed application E-attendance consists of a lecturer login to create and generate an attendance code and as well students log in to join the course and mark attendance online. The developed application has been tested and evaluated by both students and lecturers and it has been ascertained that it is an improvement over the traditional attendance currently being used in most institutions today.


AKINDOJU OLUGBENGA is a Professor at the Department of Science and Tech. Education

AKINDOJU has a Ph.D in Educational Technology from Lagos State University

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