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Sustainable Waste Management Technology And Environmental Economics


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Topic: Sustainable Waste Management Technology And Environmental Economics

Description: With the increasing urbanization, waste management is a major global issue that governments face daily. The population and overpopulation brought about generation of waste and that has been causing negative impacts on our environment. Waste reduction and valorization need to be taken to the next level. Sustainable waste management technology is a key concept of the circular economy and offers many opportunities:1. Economic: Waste management involves collecting, sorting, treating, and recycling and when properly facilitated through chemical, mechanical or thermal methods, providing a source of energy, raw materials and other resources. Therefore, it has a huge economic potential that needs to be leverage by the public and private entities. On this reason, recycling of these wastes may save importations and foreign exchange.2. Social: Better quality of life for local populations, by improving hygiene conditions and reducing health risks-related and to reduced illegal dumping of waste couple with inadequate garbage/ waste collection. 3. Environment: To lessen the impact on the environment, by improving our water quality and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Besides that, it helps by reducing biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes; it also helps in reducing the heavy environmental cost of producing more by polluting. Once collected, municipal solid waste may be treated in order to reduce the total volume and weight of material that requires final disposal. Treatment changes the form of the waste and makes it easier to handle. It can also serve to recover certain materials, as well as heat energy, for recycling or reuse.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Environmental Resources Management) Lagos State University 2019

Current Research

Benefits of waste battery recycling on soil and boreholes quality in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Research Details

The present study assessed the benefits of waste battery recycling on soil and groundwater quality in Lagos State, Nigeria. Stratified and random sampling techniques were employed to collect soil data from three locations using a soil auger; the three locations were soil samples within waste battery recycling site and soils 100m and 150m away from the recycling site and boreholes using 750 millimeters SMART plastic containers. The collected water samples were taken to the laboratory for analysis of chemical properties using standard methods. Data obtained were analyzed using averages and Spearman s correlation. The results obtained revealed that the concentrations of Cu, Fe, Zn and Pb were within WHO permissible threshold. The contents of Fe F = 7.875, p&0.05 , Pb F = 12.427, p&0.05 and Mn F = 13.059, p&0.05 varied significantly among the studied soils. The contents of EC, DO and turbidity across the studied borehole water samples were within WHO permissible limits, while those of BOD and COD were above WHO permissible limit. The concentration of DO was comparatively high in borehole 3.61mg/L within the recycling site and low 2.87mg/L in the borehole water sample 100m away from the recycling site. High BOD content 186.46mg/L was found in borehole 150m away and low at the recycling site 122.14mg/L , while high COD content 480.46mg/L was found in borehole 150m away from the recycling site and low 364.51mg/L at the discharge point. Positive and significant associations were observed between BOD and turbidity, COD and turbidity and COD and BOD. The study recommended among others the need to reduce organic pollution of boreholes in the area through regular sanitary inspection and monitoring of human activities in the area.


AJISEGIRI MUSA is a Research Fellow I at the Department of CESSED

AJISEGIRI has a Ph.D in Environmental Resources Management from Lagos State University

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