Meet AJALA ANTHONY AYODELE, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Organisational Behaviour, Labour Relations And Culture Studies In Management


Lecturer I


Industrial Relations and Personnel Management


At the Industrial Relations And Personnel Management department office

Visiting Hour

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# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Sociology) Department of Sociology, Lagos State University, Ojo 2022

Current Research

Effects of Culture on Organization s Health and Safety December, 2022

Research Details

This research work attempts to look at the aspects of culture that promote and inhibit compliance with safety standards and values and how these influences the well-being of the employees. In other words, the research attempts at examining organisational cultures and how they affect health and safety. It contends that discussions in the safety literature concerning the definitions of terms like culture, climate, and safety culture are largely academic and that it is more crucial to investigate the different approaches that may be used to study these phenomena. The survey questionnaire and ethnography are the two methodologies that are usually adopted for this study. The study aims to raise awareness of an alternative approach that involves academic postulations in the large volume of data produced by public investigations into significant incidents. Such information gives the researcher an in-depth understanding of how an organisation thinks and behaves that it is fair to call it a type of armchair ethnography. The technique as a whole enables the researcher to understand the influence of different organisational culture components on safety.


AJALA ANTHONY is a Lecturer I at the Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

AJALA has a Ph.D in Sociology from Department of Sociology, Lagos State University, Ojo

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