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Reproductive And Endocrine Physiology


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1. Ph.D (Reproduction/Endrocrinology) University of Lagos NaN

Current Research

Effect of clomiphene citrate on sex hormones in female Sprague Dawley rats.

Research Details

Abstract: Clomiphene citrate CC is used in the management of infertile female. Hormonal imbalance contributes to this problem. The aim of this study is to evaluate how CC affects the distribution of sex hormones in rats.Materials and Methods: 25 female Sprague Dawley SD rats were divided into 5 groups. Group A was the control. Groups B, C, D, E were the treated groups. Group A received 0.5ml of sterile water at diestrus. Groups B, C, D were given 0.2mg/kg, 2mg/kg, 4mg/kg all at diestrus. The last group E was given 6mg/kg/day of cc dissolved in sterile water. Administration was done orally. After six cycles of treatment, animals where sacrificed at different phases, blood collected at the 4 phases of the estrus cycle for analysis.Results: This study shows that at a high dose, there is a significant decrease in the serum estrogen and progesterone level compared with control, No change with the lower doses versus control across all phases except for estrus phase where progesterone increase. For FSH, LH, there is an increase at high dose but a decrease at low dose except for proestrus and estrus phases where the gonadotrophs increase. Conclusion. There is a dose dependent effect of clomid on sex hormones. The hormonal pattern follows a negative feed back effect of the steroidal hormones on the gonadotrophins. However, the increase of LH at proestrus and estrus phase promotes it surge before ovulation.


AINA SAMSON is a Lecturer II at the Department of Physiology

AINA has a Ph.D in Reproduction/Endrocrinology from University of Lagos

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