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Topic: Educational Leadership, Human Resources Management, Public Policy And Capacity Building In Nigerian Universities

Description: This study investigated Educational Leadership, Human Resources, Public Policy and Capacity Building in Nigerian Universities. The study samples were academic and officials from Ministries of Education, Education Districts and Officials of School Management Board. The instruments used were Educational Leadership Questionnaire (ELQ), Human Resource Management Questionnaire (HRMQ), Public Policy Questionnaire (PPQ) and Capacity Building Questionnaire (CBQ). The study design adopted was descriptive and correlational research designs. To carry out the design, four (4) research questions were raised and answered using percentages, mean and standard deviation while (4) null hypotheses formulated to guide the study were tested using analysis of covenance (ANCOVA) and t-test statistics. The study sample consisted of 1200 participant randomly selected from the various universities across Nigeria using purposive and stratified random sampling techniques. This study revealed that there was significant difference between educational leadership and capacity building in Nigerian Universities. The result also showed that there is no significant between human resources management and capacity building in Nigerian Universities. There was also no significant difference between public policy and capacity building in Nigerian Universities. The result also showed that there was significant difference in the relative contributions among educational leadership, human resources management, public and capacity building in Nigerian universities. Apparently some of the policies are obsolete and need to be revisited with the aim to improving the stock of human capital in Nigerian universities. Keywords: Leadership, Human Resources, Public Policy and Capacity Building.


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1. Ph.D (Educational Management) University of Pittsburgh 1980

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Leadership and Result Achievement

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IntroductionMany scholars opine that the greatest problem facing any developing country is that of leadership. Leadership is needed in every facet of human life ranging from state house to corporate leadership as well as institution head Aims/ObjectivesThe aims and objectives of this paper is to highlight different types of leadership, components of leadership, qualities of leaders and how leaders are made.What is Leadership?A leader could be defined as an individual with ability to motivate or induce others. Leadership is about concern for social justice, a compassion for underprivileged, courage to make risks and make bold decision, ability to achieve the desired results and faith in people’s ability. Leadership are grouped into four categories, that is, the autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire and situational. The autocratic leadership happens as a result of over-centralisation of authority in an individual. In democratic leadership, power of decision rest on the majority of the people. The laissez-faire otherwise called permissive leadership allows decision making to be based on the most appropriate style to be used under a given circumstance.Leadership and Result AchievementBasically , managers in any organization perform various functions which include planning, organizing directing, controlling, etc. The test of leadership is whether or not the task is achieved, An effective leadership strive to build a high performing team, achieve the common task and create room for development of individual members. Evaluation of a leader as a result achiever will be based on having a realistic goal, showed sense of purpose, atmosphere of openness, learn from mistakes etc. Contribution to Knowledge This paper has been able to identify the various leadership styles and qualities leader should possess to manager an organization effectively. It also tried to related leadership to management


AINA OLUSOLA is a Professor at the Department of Educational Management

AINA has a Ph.D in Educational Management from University of Pittsburgh

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