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Topic: Communication Studies

Description: Communication studies is about identifying, exploring, and measuring the factors that concernscommunication, in terms of form, nature and any topic relating to communication from a theoretical and practical perspectives using empirically tested methodologies. The components of the study include:sender,receiver, context/environment, medium, and message. Generally speaking, communication studies evaluate these components through probing questions regarding each of them and seeks to find answers to them.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Communication) Universiti Utara Malaysia 2017

Current Research

Covid-19 Pandemic, Government Policies, Patterns of Communication And Citizens Reactions In Nigeria

Research Details

The sudden emergence of covid-19 is quite worrisome and unprecedented. Several government across the globe have continued to search for a vaccine that can successfully cure the pandemic, however, none has been able to convincingly establish it has found the solution, even the developed nations, talk less of developing nations. Although, domestically, some unconventional/traditional medical researchers in some countries claim to have discovered the cure. A professor in the uiversty of Ibadan suggested a cure which yet to be verified. Amomg medical remedies suggested include from different sources include chloruine, neem tree and so on. Government awareness/information programme for senstitization agaist the deadly disease have been in different forms such as washing of hands, covering the mouth with the elbow arm pit when one sneezes, cleaning all surfaces, use of face masks and ultimately stay at home order. All these have been measures to combat the spread of the pandemic. Apart from these government has also adopted the distribution of palliatives to cushion the effect of the lockdown. But with all these most citizens are still displease due to their lack of knowledge of the reality of the pandemic and of course the scourge of hunger while the stay at home order was been enforced during the lockdown. During the lockdown period citizens perception, communication and reaction are diverse due to individual difference and perspectives. While some commend government efforts many other believe government has not done enough, some even conclude that COVID-19 has offered people in government the opportunity to embezzle more money received as donations and also borrow money and by implication Nigeria s debt burden has increased. It is even said that the IMF loan Nigerians once resisted in 198 has now been considered. Some believe t a channel for financial corruption by government officials.


ADEYEMO SAHEED is a Lecturer I at the Department of Journalism

ADEYEMO has a Ph.D in Communication from Universiti Utara Malaysia

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