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Description: RESEARCH INTERESTSMy research interest broadly covers media and society, media relations and media discourse analysis. My interest in media and society is rooted in Marxist political and theoretical construct which stands to interrogate media representations either in print or electronic media with a view at underpinning the ideological intentions of media discourse producers including media owners. The research focus has therefore foregrounded the salient truth on how to measure media performance in any society. Consequently, my research focus has established that effective media performance is predicated on the socio-political template in the society which is a follow up to the normative media theories.My PhD dissertation which focused on labour and media relations particularly the coverage of labour crises- ASUU-FGN industrial disputes has deepened my research interest on beaming my research light on interrogating the activities of the media in the Nigerian society. So, interrogating media framing strategies and other journalistic tools have shaped my research focus with a view to understanding the economic, political and other internal and external factors that determine media representations or media discourses. To anchor my research interests, Scholars like Entman, Luhmann, Marcel, Kuypers and De- Vreese who have worked on media framing and the likes of Kar Marx, Fairclough, Van-Dijk and Chomsky who have worked on language use particularly on the metaphorical and ideological codification of media discourses have widened my intellectual horizon to dwell more on performance of the media in the society, media relations and the use of language in political campaign discourses, language use in advertising and the use of language as a resource in advancing career in crises communication and management.


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1. Ph.D (Communication and Language Arts) University of Ibadan 2019

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The recurrence of labour conflicts between the Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU and the Federal Government of Nigeria FGN over demands for adequate funding of public universities has been a subject of media coverage and concern to researchers. Previous studies on media coverage of conflicts have paid attention to media reportage of industrial crises to the neglect of framing patterns the newspapers adopted and discourse strategies the media employed to project labour conflicts. This study, therefore, was designed to investigate how Nigerian newspapers framed the industrial crises between ASUU and FGN with a view to establishing the discourse strategies employed by the newspapers to project their dispositions to the crises, and factors that influenced the reportage pattern.Media framing theory was adopted as framework while content analysis and in-depth interview methods were employed. Five national newspapers The Guardian, Nigerian Tribune, The Punch, Daily Sun and Daily Trust were selected through simple random sampling by balloting. Also, random sampling by balloting was adopted to draw 510 news stories which were subjected to content analytical procedure, while 50 news articles were selected through critical case sampling for the textual analysis. Purposive sampling was adopted for the in-depth interviews; five senior editors, the ASUU national president and three labor activists who have been in the forefront of ASUU struggles served as interviewees. Quantitative data were analyzed using descriptive statistics while qualitative data were subjected to theme mapping and critical textual analysis.The study is expected to expose the print media ideologies and their sentiments or dispositions on the perennial labor conflicts between ASUU & FGN; it will also help to underscore various framing strategies deployed by the media together with various institutional factors influencing media reportage of the labor imbroglio between the social contending forces in the Nigerian society


ADEYEMO JULIUS is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Public Relations and Advertising

ADEYEMO has a Ph.D in Communication and Language Arts from University of Ibadan

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