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Inorganic Chemistry


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Topic: Comparative Studies Of Essential Oils Biological Activities With Transition Metal Complexes .

Description: Comparative studies of essential oils biological activities with transition metal complexes.Inorganic complexes including Schiff bases have been reported for their biological activities, especially the antimicrobial aspect. Similarly, essential oils which are oils extracted from plants have been used for centuries for treatment of ailments like rheumatism, headaches, indigestion, fatigue, depression, memory loss and others.Studies comparing the antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral studies of synthesised inorganic complexes are done to ascertain i the efficacy of the extracted oils and also the biological activities of the oils to the inorganic complexes for two reasons; i the most effective, ii the safety, iii financial availability.Techniques specified in literatures are used for oil extractions and syntheses of inorganic complexes and the antibacterial studies. A few times theses techniques have to be modified to suit our benchwork environment and available equipment.Results obtained are made available in local and international conferences and symposium as well as in peer reviewed journals.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Inorganic Chemistry) Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan. 2019

Current Research

Study of inorganic pollutants in edible oils and soils

Research Details

uStudy of inorganic pollutants in edible oils and soils/uThe soil and food are major entities that can give easy and clear indication of the presence of toxic material, hence are good to monitor the rate at which humans are exposed to toxic inorganic compounds that could be introduced into soils through chemical application and absorbance from water run-off. As a result my approach of research is tilting a bit to the isolation and determination of the levels of some heavy metals, polyaromatic hydrocarbons and a few compounds with toxic tendencies that could be found in the soil or in food, introduced as food additives or absorbed from the soil through the roots of food crop from which the oil was extracted.Samples are randomly collected from different locations, treated, and analyzed using procedures already reported which could be adapted for the specific bench work environmentsResults will be interpreted in comparison with reported ones and appropriate statistical work done.Data obtained will be made available in peer-reviewed journals, and also could shared in conferences .Work is in progressu/u


ADEWUSI OLUBUNMI is a Lecturer I at the Department of Chemistry

ADEWUSI has a Ph.D in Inorganic Chemistry from Department of Chemistry, University of Ibadan.

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