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History and International Relations


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1. M.A. (History and Diplomacy) Lagos State University, Ojo 2012

Current Research

The contributions of the National Union of Road Transport Workers NURTW to the Socio Political and Economy Development of Lagos State, 1978-2022

Research Details

This study appraises the activities of motor transport unions as agents of change and development, using the National Union of Road Transport Workers NURTW in Lagos State as a case study. It is an attempt to write the history of the NURTW with a focus on its socio-political and economic contributions in Lagos State between 1978 and 2022. Thus, this thesis attempts to answer certain salient questions viz: how has the transport union contributed to the development of Lagos? What were the constraints on its operations? How have the residents of Lagos State perceived the activities of the union? An attempt to answer to these questions partly informed the writing of this thesis. The study was conducted using historical research method. This involved the collection of both primary and secondary source material. Primary evidence was collected from archival materials. The secondary evidence used in the thesis included textbooks, journal articles, newspapers and magazines, as well as unpublished theses and dissertations. The findings revealed that the agitations of the minibus drivers against the ill-treatment of the owners resulted in the unionisation of drivers, thereby leading to the formation of NURTW in 1978. The research also found out that the NURTW played a significant role in the introduction of the Bus Rapid Transit BRT scheme by the Lagos State government in 2007. This study also showed that the transport union had been involved in the conduct of elections in the country. It was involved in the 2007 national elections. It was saddled with the movement of electoral materials to various destinations during elections in Lagos state. Furthermore, the study discovered that the numerical strength of the NURTW in Lagos State, over the years was used as a bargaining chip during elections to influence government policies and programmes.


ADESUYI KOLAWOLE is a Assistant Lecturer at the Department of History and International Relations

ADESUYI has a M.A. in History and Diplomacy from Lagos State University, Ojo

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