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Sociolinguistics, Language Didactics, Applied Linguistics, Linguistic Theories, French As A Foreign Language.




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Research Interest

Topic: Diglossia As Specific Area Of Interest In The Framework Of Ethnolinguistics And Dialectology In Sociolinguistics, And The Teaching And Learning Of French As Foreign Language In Applied Linguistics: Case Study Of Nigerian Yorubaphone Students Of French.



The research problem focuses on the use of language in relation to the social contexts alongside the Nigerian Yorubaphone students of French linguistic profiles. Such a sociolinguistic phenomenon accounts for the concept of Diglossia whereby languages are reckoned with based on their social functions. The research inspired from Ferguson (1959) and Fishman (1967) theoretical frameworks.   

Aims / Objectives

The research question is to identify outstanding social contexts that command by and large the use of French among Nigerian Yorubaphone students only. 


Through the Method of Observation in social interactions among Nigerian Yorubaphone students of French alongside a proposed Administration of Questionnaire made up of Two Hundred (200) subjects, the study intended to label various social contexts as regards the use of English and French.

Expected results

By the sociolinguistic phenomenon of Diglossia as applicable to the functional values assigned to the use of French by Nigerian Yorubaphone students alongside the use of English, the study was expected to break new ground for French-based diglossia. 

Contribution to knowledge

The contribution to knowledge is embedded in the various domains where the use of French as a Foreign Language is emphatic, and consequently takes therein precedence over English, the official language of Nigeria, e.g: greetings in French, teaching/learning situation, French working environment or related Fora, to mention but a few.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Sociolinguistics, Applied Linguistics) Department of French, University of Ilorin, Ilorin. 2013

Current Research

Indices des représentations sociales du français chez les acteurs sociaux nigérians (Influence of Social Representations of the French Language among Nigerian speakers)

Research Details


In both individual and national lives, the flow of expression in a foreign language is an asset. However, considering English as a front-line language and the socioeconomic values attached to the science subjects, Nigerian people remain indifferent to the study of French.

Aims / Objectives

The paper reckoned with the relevance of French to the growth of official bilingualism (English – French) in Nigeria. The paper also identified the factors that could help Nigerians to appreciate or depreciate the learning of French as a foreign language.


As a theoretical study inspired from Moscovici’s (1961) structural approach, the paper portrayed Nigerians’ lackadaisical attitudes to French, highlighting therefore their social image of French.

Expected results

Representations would partly determine the attitudes of Nigerian people towards the learning of French.

Contribution to knowledge

Linguistic security as an essential factor to global citizenship alongside professional reasons accounted, to a large extent, for the learning of French by Nigerians as social actors or language users.


ADESOLA MUSIBAU is a Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages

ADESOLA has a Ph.D in Sociolinguistics, Applied Linguistics from Department of French, University of Ilorin, Ilorin.

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