Meet ADENOWO ABIOLA FATIMAH, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Molecular Biology And Biotechnology, Nutraceutical Development From Natural Products,


Lecturer II


Medical Biochemistry


At the Medical Biochemistry department office

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Research Interest

Topic: Nutraceuticals From Fruits And Vegetables For The Management Of Oxidative Stress Related Diseases


I have keen interest in the use of natural products including fruits and vegetables in the treatment and management of human diseases. Plants are known to be packed with  phytochemicals which are beneficial for pharmacological purposes. Fruits and vegetables contains abundant phytochemicals with immense antioxidative properties. The analysis and subsequent identification of the bioactive component of fruits and vegetable will be useful for the development of nutraceuticals which can be used for the treatment and management of oxidative stress related diseases such as diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis amongst others.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Biochemistry) University of Zululand, Kwadlangezwa, 3886, South Africa 2018

Current Research

Nutritional, Biochemical and Nutraceutical potential of Azanaza garckeana

Research Details

Azanza garckeana popularly known as a Goron tula is a wild fruit which grows in the northern part of Nigeria and some other countries of the world. A lot of health benefits has been attributed to the fruit including being a liver cleansing agent, an aphrodisiac, relieve of cough and chest pain,  cancer prevention amongst others. The study intends to check the biochemical content of various extracts of the fruit, to investigate its pharmacological potentials including hepatoprotective activities, antioxidant activities, DNA protective potential and anti-inflammatory activities. The research will involve the comprehensive analysis of phytochemicals present in the fruit and leave extracts. Proximate analysis will be done to detect essential minerals. Invitro and invivo analysis will also be done to determine antioxidant activities, hepatoprotective activities, anti-inflammatory activities amongst others,  The result of the study will be of great use in confirming traditional claims and prompt further research towards the use of the fruit or its bioactive component as a nutraceutical agent for the treatment and management of various diseases.  


ADENOWO ABIOLA is a Lecturer II at the Department of Medical Biochemistry

ADENOWO has a Ph.D in Biochemistry from University of Zululand, Kwadlangezwa, 3886, South Africa

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