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Preventive Dentistry


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Research Interest

Topic: Oral Health Of Vulnerable Populations

Description: My research focus is on the oral health of vulnerable populations such as mothers, children, persons with chronic medical conditions and the elderly. Within these populations, I have focused on 1. Oral health status and its determinants: I have highlighted the fact that oral health is an important component of the general health status of vulnerable populations in Nigeria. I have also shown that dental neglect is more severe in these populations. A major finding was the fact that maternal attitude is a determinant of a child’s dental caries status. 2. Oral health utilization patterns: I have publications that assessed the pattern of utilization of oral health services and the factors that influence utilization. The researches show that oral health utilization is low among vulnerable populations in Nigeria. 3. Oral health policy related issues: I have been able to investigate the impact of health policies on oral health for vulnerable populations. The researches show that oral health care especially oral health care for vulnerable populations is not a major policy focus.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Master of Public Health (Public Health) College of Medicine University of Lagos 2008

Current Research

Integrating oral health in prenatal care: a qualitative study in British Columbia Canada

Research Details

Pregnancy increases the risk of developing oral diseases which could have adverse effects on both the mother and child and are essentially preventable. Oral health promotion within an integrated care approach has been recommended. The approach for achieving this integration is however not clear. This research, therefore, seeks to explore approaches for integrating preventive oral healthcare in prenatal care in British Columbia (BC) from the perspective of stakeholders in prenatal and oral healthcare. The study entails a scoping review and a qualitative study among stakeholders in prenatal and oral healthcare. Results from this study will help understand how stakeholders in prenatal and oral healthcare in British Columbia envision including oral health in prenatal care. This will help identify future actions by policymakers and healthcare providers for addressing the gaps in providing preventive oral healthcare for pregnant women in BC.


ADENIYI ABIOLA is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Preventive Dentistry

ADENIYI has a Master of Public Health in Public Health from College of Medicine University of Lagos

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