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Topic: Development Of Viable Non-Ruminant Animal And Fish Feeds For Improved Productivity And Health


Nigeria population is one of the the fastest growing population in the world. Paradoxically, the country is one of the most malnourished and poorest nation of the world. Consequently, improving per-caput animal protein intake at affordable price is a major challenge due to the high cost and demand for most conventional feed ingredients. Hence, my research is focused on the following:

1. Utilization of locally of unconventional feed ingredients in production of non- ruminant animals and fish feeds at affordable price.

2. Assessment of  their nutrient composition  and potential nutritive values.

3. Determination of their antinutrient or contaminants and development of measures to improve their utilization and animal performance.

4. Assessment of the implications of the use of the unconventional feed ingredients on the animal's health, performance and  product's quality.

5. Production of animal products that meet the eating habit of the populace as well as improve their health status.

In the realization of the above heavy metals concentration, bio-contaminants like mycotoxins and bacteria are assessed in the feed ingredients used for production of animal feeds and in the animal products. The effects of the feeds developed are assessed using growth performance and blood biochemical indices which are indicators of state of performance of vital organs in animals. Also in boosting animal performance and health the inclusion of phyto-additives as against the use of synthetic growth promoters and antibiotics is being investigated.  There is also the assessment and comparison of the animal products available both in their natural environment and under intensive production system to ascertain their safety for man's consumption. 


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Animal Production (Monogastric Nutrition)) Animal Science, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria 1991

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The need for safe food is becoming of great concern in recent time, particularly among those who can pay a premium for what they eat; the educated and the high income earners. More importantly with he increase in nutritionally induced diseases in Nigeria. There this study is aimed at assessing the nutritive qualities of broiler chicken obtained from different management environments. it is a established fact that the environment in which animals are raised determines their carcass composition and organolephetic characteristic among others, consequently, the safety and acceptability to consumers, in view of these we shall  be determining the broiler chicken carcass proximate composition,  microbial and chemical contaminants of broilers obtained from the open markets imported or obtained locally, conventional intensive and semi intensive farms, backyard raised broilers and those raised under organic practice as well as those housed but not given conventional medications and vaccinations.  The results obtained will form a baseline for further studies and measures to be adopted in the production of safe broiler chicken in the country,  


ADENIJI COMFORT is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Agriculture

ADENIJI has a Ph.D in Animal Production (Monogastric Nutrition) from Animal Science, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

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