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Criminal Law, Constitutional Law And Civil Liberties, Human Rights, Gender Law






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Topic: Sexual And Reproductive Rights , Criminal Law And Criminology

Description: Research relating to issues of gender, abortion,


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1. LL.D (Law) Nelson Mandela School of Law, University of Fort hare, East London, South Africa. 2011

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Human Rights

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The issue of human rights is and has always been a topical subject of discussion among people including various governments of the world. There has been a controversy as to the concept of regional human rights but this controversy has long been laid to rest by the adoption of human rights documents by regional governments. Although the international community has to a larger degree protected human rights at the international level with the adoption of various human rights treaties and laws, the African community deemed it fit to have a law which will not only bring together all the African States in unity but will also reflect Africanism in the laws applicable in their States. This led to the adoption of several human rights documents which were adopted by the African States. Prominent among these laws is the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights which is unique for its protection of elders’ rights, promotion of communalism as against individualism and recognition of peoples’ and group rights. This paper re-investigates the concept of human rights in Africa by examining the human rights mechanisms adopted by the region. The paper further examines human rights in a traditional African setting with the purpose of making a comparison between human rights in Africa as it were and as it is. The paper concludes on the note that the African protection of human rights is a pure reflection of its cultural values.


ADELEKE FUNMINIYI is a Professor at the Department of Law

ADELEKE has a LL.D in Law from Nelson Mandela School of Law, University of Fort hare, East London, South Africa.

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