Meet ADEJARE, ROSELINE ABONEGO, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Descriptive English Grammar, The English Verb, Applied English Linguistics


Associate Professor / Reader


Lang, Arts AND Sci


At the Lang, Arts AND Sci department office

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Research Interest

Topic: Grammatical Theory And Description Plus Applied Linguistics

Description: My research focus is primarily the theory and description of English grammar and secondarily applied English linguistics. My first degree programme which married the full English language courses with those of education facilitates my being a descriptive linguist and a pedagogic linguist a linguist training prospective language teachers. Because English linguistics is a vast discipline I specialise in English grammar with a special focus on the English verbal group while covering multidisciplinary applied linguistics. My interest in descriptive English grammar lies on the premise that no one can effectively teach another how to teach a language they do not know. Grammar is the core of language. I have thus contributed to the theory and description of English grammar and the English verbal group as well as English language teaching and the related issue of language use in education including educational language planning second language acquisition and English course book evaluation.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (English Language English Grammar: The English Verbal Group ) University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Department of English 2010

Current Research

A Revision of Tertiary English Grammar

Research Details

This revision was necessitated by new insights into linguistic theory provided by the emerging Natural Language Linguistics Theory...which empirically proves with text data that language is not only has been believed since Saussure... but form and situation. This aptly generates a new text...function derived clause structure formula by upgrading that of Systemic Grammar into one that accounts for multiplicity...mobility and inversion of elements of clause structure. Since the earlier editions were premised on the principle that language is a form... the consequential implications of this new theoretical perspective are to identify and correct flaws emanating therefrom. Different corpora will thus be examined for data that adequately illustrate the new theoretical and descriptive orientation... namely that form and situation are the two obligatory elements of natural language structure. Not only will there be radical changes in the introductory chapter... there will be greatly enhanced descriptive accuracy of the other chapters. There will also be improved capacity for students and their teachers as well as other users of the book.


ADEJARE, ROSELINE is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Lang, Arts AND Sci

ADEJARE, has a Ph.D in English Language English Grammar: The English Verbal Group from University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Department of English

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