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Topic: A Unified Corporate Governance Code For Tertiary Institutions

Description: Corporate governance is a system of rules, practices and processes by which an entity is directed and controlled. The need for a unified corporate governance code for all our tertiary institutions must be hinged on good governance and orderly succession in view of the volume of funding they can attract for research purposes. Hence the need for a unified corporate governance code for our tertiary institutions with governance safeguards that are more specific, contextual and enviromentally congruent, while at the same time conforming to international best practices. The proposed unified code for our tertiary institutions should not only be seen as a dynamic document but also as a code which is expected to define a minimum standard of corporate governance expected within the concept of globalization. The proposed legal and regulatory requirements of the said code should not only be consistent with the rule of law, but should also be transparent and enforceable. The delicate balancing of the interest of all stakeholders within the tertiary community even makes it even more imperative for the evolution of the proposed unified code in order to achieve the twin objectives of efficiency and social justice. The efficiency and accountability of our tertiary institutions have become a matter of both private and public discussions today. The proposed code should among other things be able to achieve the encouragement of the stakeholders in the community in the governance of their institutions.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. LL. M. () University of London 1985


ADEGOROYE OLUSOLA is a Lecturer I at the Department of Law

ADEGOROYE has a LL. M. in from University of London

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