Meet ADEDOYIN MARY ABOSEDE, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Telecommunication, Electronics And Automation


Lecturer I


Electronics and Computer Engineering


At the Electronics And Computer Engineering department office

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Research Interest

Topic: Telecommunications

Description: Telecommunications can be described as the process of exchanging information such as voice, data, and video transmissions via electronic technologies like telephones wired or wireless , microwave communications, fibre optics, satellites, television broadcasting, radio, and the internet. Telecommunications research includes the design, development, and implementation of projects such as wireless and mobile networks, signal theory and communications, body area networks for healthcare monitoring, etc. The aim of the research is to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of the telecommunications industry and demonstrate through research the benefits of telecommunications-related technologies in terms of new products and services. Also, to demonstrate the importance of telecommunications to the enhancement of both national and international economy as well as improvement of quality of lives.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Electrical Engineering) University of Cape Town, South Africa Grade A 2018

Current Research

Design and Implementation of an IoT-Based Heart Rate Monitoring System

Research Details

With the rapid rise in global population, there is a need for effective and efficient healthcare service. This rise in population has put noticeable pressure on the available healthcare services, as many still lack primary healthcare access for numerous reasons. The scarcity of healthcare services and facilities has led to an increase in the cost of healthcare. This rise in cost in this present challenging global economic condition has made proper health a luxury that many cannot afford. Therefore, increase in access to healthcare services and facilities is of utmost importance, as the recent COVID 19 pandemic that swept across nations revealed the relatively low state of healthcare globally. It is pertinent that technologies should increase the efficiency and reach of healthcare services and facilities. Patient Monitoring using IoT technology is a crucial advancement in electronic health care e-healthcare that solves the problems of having more patients in the healthcare, low ratio of health personnel to patients, limited number of available facilities in a given location, and high costs of healthcare services. It also aids comfort and convenience as patients are treated and observed remotely. IoT technology can be used extensively to lessen patients burden, especially in patients having terminal diseases. Hence, in this work, an IoT-based heart rate monitoring system, has been designed in PROTEUS and implemented to monitor and measure the heartbeat rate using pulse biosensor modules and web applications. The result is sent/received from a personal computer to any smart phone or device connected to the existing Wi-Fi network.


ADEDOYIN MARY is a Lecturer I at the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering

ADEDOYIN has a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from University of Cape Town, South Africa Grade A

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