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Topic: Patterns Of Gender Disparity In Medical Education In Nigeria

Description: Several literature on Medical Education worldwide have documented on the narrowing or reversal of the gender male:female ratio in the study of medicine. Regrettably, we have no local data in the African continent to assess this trend. Data on the admission and graduation figures from 1st and 2nd generation Medical Schools (which have established medical undergraduate training and selected by random sampling) in the 6 geo - political zones in Nigeria will be collected over a fixed period of years and analysed. This review is aimed at assesing and documenting if this trend exists in our environment, its disparity in each region and proffer reasons why it is so. The findings will be useful in planning for a future where a likely female populated or dominated medical workforce may emerge, with its peculiar social implication on family life, culture and the Nigerian society at large.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Post-Graduate Diploma (Education) University of Lagos 2018

Current Research

Surgical Management of Paediatric Congenital and Acquired Urethral Anomalies in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja. A prospective study

Research Details

This 5 year prospective study was aimed at assessing our surgical management success of the common congenital and acquired urethral anomalies (Hypospadias, Epispadias and Urethrocutaenous Fistulae) in LASUTH, which is a high volume center for such Paediatric Urology cases. These proceedures aare known to be technical, have a high chance of failure and thus a repeat proceedure, require absolute patience from both parents and surgeon and could be psychologically draining. Technique of repair, suture size, type and frequency of change of post operative dressings, experience of surgeon and wound carer were all assessed as it related individually to the success of the repair (success being defined as a cosmetically acceptable penis which is straight, permits the child to achieve a good, pointing urine stream while standing and without straining). Experience of surgeon, fine instrumentation and sutures, reduced frequency of dressing change were important factors for a successful and satisfactory repair. This study underlies the need for sub - specialisation in Paediatric Urology, and Institutional investment in specialised tools for Paediatric cosmetic surgeries. These proceedures must not be performed by inexperienced hands or without the required fine instruments, as the 1st repair is always the best


ABOLARINWA ABIMBOLA is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Surgery

ABOLARINWA has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from University of Lagos

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