Meet ABANUM COLLINS IFEANYICHUKWU, an Academic Staff of Lagos State University.


Educational Technology


Assistant Lecturer


Science and Tech. Education


At the Science And Tech. Education department office

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# Certificate SchoolYear
1. M.Ed. (Educational Technology) Science and Technology Education, Lagos State University, Ojo 2017

Current Research

Developing and Utilising Augmented Reality Strategy on Student Performance and Information Literacy in Financial Accounting

Research Details

Teaching financial accounting in senior secondary schools is a crucial subject that aims to educate students for businesses that use cutting-edge information technologies and encourage ongoing organizational changes. However, poor performance in financial accounting in public examinations has led to concerns about the effectiveness of current teaching strategies. Conventional teaching methods, such as lecture and explanation, are content-driven and not learner-centered. Barak & Usher (2019) suggest that effective teaching methods should be interactive, emphasizing small group work using relevant and practical case studies. This study aims to determine the effect of developing and utilizing augmented reality strategies on students' performance and information literacy in financial accounting in Lagos State, Nigeria. The research design is a developmental and quasi-experimental design with a pre-test-post-test control group. Participants in the experimental group will receive instruction via the developed augmented reality strategy (ARS), while the conventional teaching method will be used for the control group. The findings of this study will be significant to students, teachers, curriculum planners, examination bodies, the government, and all educational bodies. It aims to enhance student interest in financial accounting, improve teachers' effectiveness, and enhance the educational process. The augmented reality strategy can create an immersive and dynamic learning environment, making the subject more interesting and memorable. Additionally, it can help students retain financial accounting concepts and skills by engaging multiple senses and providing a memorable experience.


ABANUM COLLINS is a Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Science and Tech. Education

ABANUM has a M.Ed. in Educational Technology from Science and Technology Education, Lagos State University, Ojo

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