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Faculty of Education


LASU Bulletin

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The Faculty of Education took off with other two Faculties at inception in the University in October, 1984. The Faculty started with three Departments namely; The Department of Curriculum Studies, the Department of Educational Foundations and the Department of Educational Management. Lectures started in November 1984 with 84 students enrolled in the first course leading to Bachelor’s degree in Education. There were 14 academic members of staff who started the three Departments. Physical Education and Sports was a unit under Curriculum Studies Department until 1986 when it was changed to Physical and Health Education and up-graded into a full Department.

The structure of the degree programme enables a student to take two approved teaching subjects with education (as an academic and professional subject) in the first two years of a four-year degree programme and in the first year of the three-year programme

In the last two years of the degree programme, students take courses in one subject, their teaching subject with education to qualify for combined honours degrees. This was adjusted such that the structure would permit students to spend two-thirds of their learning time concentrating on one teaching subjects normally offered in the academic departments of the Faculties of Arts, Social Sciences and Science. The remaining one-third of the students’ time is expected to be spent in the Faculty of Education to complete their professional training

The Faculty offers a Bachelors’’ degree under the course unit system whereby all the Departments jointly provide courses leading to the award of combined honours degree of B.Ed/B.A/B.Sc. Education. At the onset, students in the Faculty except those in the Physical and Health Education Department are assigned to the Departments for administrative purpose as follows:

Education Science Studies            -              Department of Curriculum Studies

Education Arts Studies                   -              Department of Educational Foundations

Education Social Sciences             -              Department of Educational Management

By this arrangement, no student is placed at a disadvantage because all students in the Faculty take the same compulsory courses which are jointly offered by the Departments. However, a student irrespective of the Department (except Physical and Health Education) to which he or she is assigned may tilt towards a particular discipline by concentrating on courses in Curriculum Studies, Educational Foundations or Educational Management.

This was later modified such that each Department by name would reveal the course areas covered in that Department. In 2007, the Senate approved five Departments for the Faculty thus:

  1. 1.Department of Educational Management.
  2. 2.Department of Educational Foundations and Counselling Psychology
  3. 3.Department of Languages, Art, and Social Science Education
  4. 4.Department of Physical and Health Education
  5. 5.Department of Science and Technology Education

The Postgraduate programme of the Faculty started in the 1991/1992 academic year with the introduction of the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) for both full time and the part-time. This programme is Faculty based as it covers courses from all the Departments in the Faculty.

The Master in Education (M.Ed) full time degree programme was introduced in 1994. The Senate of the University approved in 1996 the Ph.D programmes of the Faculty in all the Departments. Apart from the normal undergraduate programmes of the Faculty, the Faculty introduced and started Sandwich Degree Programme for holders of NCE or its equivalent July 1995.

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