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University Multimedia Centre


LASU Bulletin

VC's Desk

Lagos State University Multimedia Centre (LASU-UMC)

Dr Amoo Director UMCThe University Multimedia Centre (U.M.C), formerly known as Educational Technology Centre (EduTech.) is a multi-disciplinary service centre, servicing both Academic and Non-Academic activities in the university. The University Multimedia Centre places premium on academic excellence and integrity, which is meant to be achieved through meaningful teaching, research and community service via application of latest technologies.

The centre’s roles in the University among others are:

  1. Mediating/Supporting Instructional programmes with appropriate visual, audioAudio-visual presentations;
  2. Enhancing public lectures in the University by producing appropriate Multimedia presentations and providing the required facilities;
  3. Training the staff and students about production and utilisation of instructional materials to facilitate teaching; and
  4. Servicing teaching and learning equipment e.g. maintenance, storage, and circulation for optimum accessibility.

The University Multimedia Centre (U.M.C.) under the headship of a Director is divided into four different units.

These units are:

  1. The Graphic/Editing Unit
  2. The Technical Unit
  3. The Photography Unit and;
  4. The Administrative Unit.

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