It is a norm in the University for Students’ Union Executives to be elected during the Rain Semester of every session to succeed the incumbent executives. To this end, a legal process of actions had been specified by the Students’ Handbook for fairness and transparency.

Earlier in the day on Thursday, 3rd August, 2017, the nominees for the 2017/2018 Independent Electoral Committee visited the Students’ Affairs Division to see the Acting Dean of Students and the Principal Assistant Registrar attended to them on behalf of the Dean, who declined meeting members of the Committee at that time on the grounds that:

  1. Not all the nominees on the Committee were present; and
  2. The process that produced them was yet to be certified as the due procedure.

The particulars of the Fifteen of them physically present were taken with the inclusion of those unavoidably absent, noting that nominees from Lagos State University College of Medicine [LASUCOM], Ikeja, were yet to be forwarded. They also presented a copy of their proposed schedule of events for the proposed elections.

However, it was with utmost dismay that the Division received information that the incumbent Speaker of the Students’ Union took it upon himself to inaugurate the nominees, while the Independent Electoral Committee  [IEC] lifted the ban on electoral processes after the inauguration without the consent of the Acting Dean of Students.

Consequently, the Division hereby declares that all actions taken by the incumbent Speaker contravenes laid down procedures and as such are deemed illegal and unacceptable to the Division. All actions towards the 2017/2018 electoral process is hereby put on hold. All aspirants are advised to take note please.