In its determination to address the crippling decadence in many Nigerian Universities, the Lagos State University Management, on Tuesday, 11th July, 2017, organised an interactive session for Top Executives of the University. The interactive session was held at the University Senate Chamber, Ojo, Lagos.

The six papers presented at the session contained thorough analysis on ethical issues, leadership, financial probity, as well as weak adherence to foundational legislation for establishing Tertiary Institutions.

All the papers/presentations adapted for the sessions  include: The Bursary, Financial Probity, Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards [IFPS Vs GAAP] And the Best Practices in the Control and Management of University Finances (University Bursar, Mr. Adetayo Hassan); The Imperative of Paradigm Shift in Leadership Style for Sustainable Development in Nigerian Universities (Dr. Adewale  Aderemi, Dept. of Political Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences}; Understanding University Laws and Relevant Guiding Probity and Ethical Conduct of University Leadership {Dr. Rufus Olaoluwa, Dept. of International and Islamic Law, Faculty of Law, LASU}; Ethical Issues, Team Work, Diversity, Collaboration and Areas of Conflict in University Management: Managing for Corporate Success by Professor Olabanji Fajonyomi, Dean Faculty of Management Sciences, LASU]; The Changing Face of the University Library: Transforming Learning: Aiding and Abetting Research and Promoting Reading Culture [University Librarian, Dr. Adebambo Oduwole]; and the Registry in University Governance and Management: Repositioning for 21st Century Challenges [University Registrar – Mr. Lewis Akinwunmi Oladapo]. They were geared towards a paradigm shift from the turbulence most Nigerian Universities are currently experiencing. The robust sessions were equally aimed at creating a launching pad for a revitalised experience that will reposition Nigerian Universities among their 21st Century contemporaries.

At the unique sessions, emphasis was laid on the need to strengthen Institutional structures with specific focus on accounting processes and probity, leadership and good governance, and the need for strict adherence to the laws establishing Nigerian Universities, in order to inculcate strong ethical values in the workforce. In addition, participants equally agreed that the administration of Universities in Nigeria are in dire crises and are in urgent need for redemptive measures.

Conclusively, the Registry of Lagos State University was saddled with the responsibility to continue to organise similar sessions for Senior Members of Staff in the University as they return from approved appointments outside the University, in order to be able  to share their wealth of experience, and to strengthen the administrative processes of the University. The University Health Service Centre in conjunction with the Information Communication Technology Centre [ICTC], was requested to create a health profile of the entire University Community, in order to improve on the quality of medical care of the University Health Centre especially during emergencies. Lastly, space ambience skills, Communication Skills [with specific reference to writing skills] as well as sartorial skills were harped upon, as they would go a long way towards improving quality service delivery at the University.